No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Get the Cart First? Or the Horse?

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on September 17, 2009

Sometimes I fantasize about picking up and moving across the county (to the Pacific NW, usually).

So every once in a while, I will scout jobs out there, and sometimes there are things I think I could do.

But the idea of taking a job and then attempting to coordinate a move sounds a bit nightmareish.

But… the idea of picking up and moving some place with no job and no idea what’s coming, well, that’s kinda scary too?

Any of you out there ever just picked up all your crap and took off with no notion of what you were heading into?

Hell, I’ve never even BEEN to the PNW… just seen it in pictures and TV – it just looks so very “ME” out there.

Idle dreaming.


10 Responses to 'Get the Cart First? Or the Horse?'

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  1. Ron said,

    Ummmm NO! Scary!!! I like planning and just going somewhere without a job or plan would like have me curled in a ball and stressing in seconds.

  2. Deborah said,

    Took off with no notion? Nope. Well, except on a bicycle, when trying the clear my head. 😉

  3. Buzzardbilly said,

    A. Sorry for the post that scarred your mind yesterday.

    B. I have moved a lot. I have never moved with a plan, other than picking my destination before I left and making sure I had a place to stay while getting settled.

    C. I used to dream of just doing the old blindfolded dart-throw at a map to pick my destination. I also fancied moving to Alaska because I love the cold and I love the night. Twenty-four hours of no sun has got to rock.

  4. I could never do that. Never. But most people are much more adventurous than me… 🙂

  5. Tracy Lynn said,

    I totally did and it totally worked out. In fact I’m in Seattle RIGHT NOW.
    Also, have you seen the ads for that new derby movie, Whip It?

  6. tiff said,

    The idea appeals, but the reality doesn’t, at least for now.

    Once the Things are out of school though – – – look out!

  7. renn said,

    I moved to NC from WV with no plan, no home and no job.

    I married my “not boyfriend” 8 months later, and have been here ever since.

    I’d pick up and move ‘elsewhere’ again, but I’d have to have more of a plan now.

  8. ifswallowed said,

    Hmmm…I work at a “Recreational Equipment” retailer. I bet you’d love it here. I could send you some job postings- how does hiking, camping, cycling and paddling gear at 50% off sound?

  9. 50% off all that, PLUS the pacific NW?

    You just let me know if you have anything in your security or business continuity groups come up. Or, project management, or business analysis. Or, hell, I’ll learn a whole new trade, that’s fine too!

  10. Al said,

    In 1967 my best bud, Dave, and I loaded up and took off for California, with no more plan than “We are going to Haight!”
    I’ve never regretted that summer.
    The parts of it I remember.

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