No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Repeal DOMA Now!

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on September 18, 2009

New legislation has just been introduced to repeal the “defense” of marriage act (DOMA).

This is the act that denies same-sex couples the rights that I take completely for granted in my marriage…  the right to have the SB covered by my social security survivors benefits, the right for the SB and I to make legal decisions as each other’s next of kin, the right for me to claim the SB as a dependent on my taxes…

I simply cannot see why the SB and I should have these rights while other committed couples do not, just because my spouse has different genitalia than I do and that hypothetical other couple have matching parts.

I am a supporter of same-sex marriage rights.

But, hey, we all know that I am also wildly lazy, and not prone to actually taking steps to stand up for my beliefs.

Handily, some nice people at the RepealDOMAnow web site have made it easy for me to send messages to the president, my senators, and my representatives – all in one fell swoop!  Just by filling out my letter-writing info!

Ain’t technology grand?

So if you, like me, believe that people in this country should not be refused basic human rights based on the gender of the person they want to marry, then you might want to mosey over to this web site and fire off some letters to your various political representatives.


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