No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

The Heat Is On

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on September 30, 2009

So this morning, I could smell the roasting dust that is the hallmark of the first “heating” of the season.

This means my office has officially switched the HVAC from “Cool the Building” to “Heat the Building”

Funny, but it is exactly the same temperature in here today with the heat as it was yesterday with the cooling…..  FREEZING DAMN MONKEY BALLS COLD!!!

I am going to have to bring in a ski parka this winter.


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  1. Ron said,

    Is “Freezing Damn Monkey Balls Cold” warmer or colder than “A Witch’s Tit in a Brass Bra”? Just trying to establish a scale here.

  2. Ron – Today it is freezing damn monkey balls in a witch’s brass bra cold in here, I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse as we approach actual winter!

  3. Rachel said,

    Same here for me. My nipples are always as hard as rocks, every winter, in this godforsaken place.

  4. Heidi said,

    We haven’t gotten there yet – it’s been bloody cold the last three days, dammit!!

  5. Okay, so I’ve been having an argument with my coworker over whether its typical for men to be cold or women. I say women are typically colder than men. But here are three women with witch nipple issues and I’m cozy as a hibernating bear.

    You know what you ladies’ problem is? No testosterone. Not that I recommend getting any, but still… its all that estrogen makin’ ya cold. Its scientific fact. Look it up.


  6. Yeah, the men in my office are never cold. I have extra clothes, though.

  7. Tiff said,

    I used to be the ‘cold’ one until I got my thyroid actin’ right. And as the proud owner of ‘a high level of testosterone for a woman,’ my internal combustion keeps me revving. A nice change from shivering all the dang time.

    Who knew monkey balls were cold?

  8. Wow, the testosterone thing is real? I was just making it up. Its the only chemical difference I could think of.

    I’m fucking brilliant.


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