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The Bad With The Good

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on October 2, 2009

So Google reader DOES make it enormously easier to keep up with all my blogs of bloggy goodness.  But it also makes it easier to move down to the next blog entry without commenting on the blog I just read.

I have really, for the past couple of months, been trying much harder to leave comments on blogs I read.   I know I’m right up there on the list of world’s worst commenters, so I was consciously trying to reverse that.  I really do think it’s important to let people know that I read and appreciate their blogs – even if it’s just once in a while.

So… with Google reader, I have to click into the post in order to be able to comment, and it’s a step I seem to be skipping, because HEY!  THERE’S ANOTHER POST TO READ RIGHT HERE!

So I’ll try to do something about that.

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  1. Buzzardbilly said,

    I haven’t tried Google reader, but I have found that having a list of blogs I’m following on my dashboard rocks. Now, I just have to make sure everyone I want on there is because not everyone on my blogroll is. Hell, there are dead blogs on my blogroll. And not everyone that I’m following is on my blogroll. If I can’t even keep up with that.

    But, that makes you click onto the blog from the dashboard to read it, so commenting is easy.

  2. I have to force myself to read other people’s blogs. I hate reading. Its always good when I find one that I actually want to read. And you know you’re one of them if I’m commenting. I don’t feel obligated to comment unless I have something to say. Even if its to say that I only comment when I have something to say.


  3. Rachel said,

    I got the same damn problem. Lol same also with replying to the comments left on MY blog.

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