No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Start Spreadin’ The News…

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on October 13, 2009
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OK, so I’m not leaving today…  but still.  A plan has been made!  Tickets have been bought!  A hotel has been booked!

As often happens at the end of a fiscal year, careful scrimping, saving and not-spending have left my department with a bit of wiggle room left in the budget.

Enough wiggle room, it appears, for me to take some long-requested training leading to a certification in my field – certification which I will not mention, being as how I try to not put anything on here that might bring company searches this way.

But anyway.  The upside of this is that the training is in NYC. This means that my company is going to be buying me a plane ticket and a week in a hotel up there.

And since that’s going to happen, why not fly up super early on Sunday, instead of late? And since the hotel room will be there and all… why not spend personal $$ on a ticket for the SB who can also sleep in that hotel for no extra cost to anyone.

OK, so it’s not exactly a “vacation” except for the Sunday, but still, the SB will get to do all kinds of things during the day while I am in the training, and we’ll be able to at least go out to dinner in NYC – food capital of the world!!!  (and my dinner will even be expensed! – means separate checks, of course)

So… now the hard part… where to eat?

Gotta have Deli… but Katz’s or Stage?  (Or, heck, Carnegie – never been there!)

Gotta have pizza – think I’ll contact one of our NYC employees to find the “best” place for that (opinions may vary, of course)

I think I’d like to go eat in China Town.

But then, we ARE going to be staying in Chelsea… tons of famous little store-front places there too!  Oh what to do, what to do?


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  1. Ron said,

    Awesome!! Sounds like a fun little adventure.

  2. SoLow said,

    If you’re a drinking person, there’s a place called the Rainbow Room near Madison Square Garden that’s REALLY cool. It’s like 40 stories up – on a clear night you can see the entire city whilst enjoying the beverage of your choice. Of course, you could always go up there for a cup of coffee or a Pepsi if adult beverages don’t sit well with your lifestyle. There’s also an Italian joint called Carmine’s (I’m pretty sure) that’s awesome as well. It’s old school – pictures on the wall from the 50’s of gangsta’s that ruled the city, stuff like that.

    You’ll find plenty to do. Just add 30 minutes to the expected length of any drive – traffic is hell out there.

    Funny that I’ll be in NY next week as well. Flying tomorrow, staying til next Tuesday or Wednesday…

  3. SoLow said,

    PS – if you end up at Carmine’s, keep in mind that the portions are HUGE!!!! Order 1 or 2 things only for 2 people & you’ll still take leftovers home….

  4. Dang… I’m not going until early Nov… otherwise I’d suggest a meet-up!

  5. eb said,

    We usually go to Zoe for Sunday brunch when we’re in NYC –

    Ya gotta have a dog. They are, of course, everywhere but Katz’s has good ones. Also Gray’s Papya

    If you like peanut butter –
    I had the peanut butter blt – yum

    And, since you’ll be in Chelsea, Le Singe Vert is a neat little French place we have frequented. (they only take cash or American Express)

    Have fun!!

  6. rachel said,

    Awesome! I live in CT (two hours away) and love daytripping to NYC when I can. My favorite resturant there is Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, midtown, Fifth Ave. Not cheap, but worth it!

    Most the places in NYC have menus online and you two can make plans that way.

    So excited for you!

  7. Oooooooooooooooh, I love expensed trips. They are like minivacations. At least they give you a change of pace. I’ve gotten to go to Minneapolis and Chicago on work trips and they were both pretty fun. Definitely do your research and make the most of your per diem!


  8. SoLow said,

    There’s always a chance that I’ll be back then. If you’d like to meet up I’d totally be game – I love meeting new people. I’ll let you know if I’ll find myself there at that time……………….

  9. tiff said,

    I has the jealous all ovah….when we were in midtown last year for Christmas we had dinner at a good Indian place right near the Algonquin, and a good b-fast at The Red (Something or other) ( not it’s real name) for cheap. There’s a decent knish place by the skating rink at Rock center, it’s in the indoor/underground shop plaza.

    I’m all about cheap eats, as you can see. The knish was 3 bucks if I remember correctly, and served up by an honest-to-goodness Orthodox Jew! You don’t see them in the wold around here, so it’ was pretty exotic.

    If you DO go to Chinatown, be sure to get walking directions once you get off the subway. A wrong turning can lead you into some fairly, uh, interesting neighborhoods.

    Have fun!

  10. tiff said,

    “Jewel of India” and “The Ref Flame” are the names of The Indian place and the breakfast place – both on 44th Street between 5th and 6th avenues. Couple blocks to Times Square and a whole LOT of other cool places.

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