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NCP’s Tummy Tuck Blog – 11/11/09

Posted in Health,Surgery,Uncategorized by noceleryplease on November 11, 2009

So while I was researching this whole Tummy Tuck thing, I found very few blogs that gave much information on this whole process.

So, in the interest of perhaps helping out future people scouring the Internet, I am going to blog this entire process.

But, also in the interest of allowing those who are not interested in quite that much information about me, and my belly, I am going to name all the future surgery related posts with the above title, and a new date.

This way, if you wish to follow this thread, you can, and if you don’t, you can skip it.

I am also going to use the “break” feature on these posts… why?

Because, again, there is probably going to be WAY too much information here for those who may not want to see it.  Also, I will be posting pictures.

Before, during the healing, after, etc.

Nothing above or below the belly will be shown (I’m not that much of an exhibitionist!) But some people don’t like stitches and scabs and scars, so be warned!  They might show up “Below the fold” on some of these posts.

I’m also going to create a links box that will hold links to all these posts, on the off chance that anyone would want to read them chronologically.

So just to kick things off, in the interest of full tummy tuck disclosure… this is why I am having the surgery:

Too Much Skin!

Too Much Skin!

And that’s step one…

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3 Responses to 'NCP’s Tummy Tuck Blog – 11/11/09'

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  1. Ron said,

    No pictures above or below the waist :-(…… Awwwwww…….

    Look forward to hearing about your adventure.

  2. Tiff said,

    Fantastic idea – I know you’ll do a smashing job of it.

  3. Wow – you really lost a alot! You look great already – I can’t wait to see the after!

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