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NCP’s Tummy Tuck Blog – 11/20/09

Posted in Health,Surgery,Uncategorized by noceleryplease on November 20, 2009

Pre-op Appointment to talk to the Doc was today.

The SB came with me, which I think was very brave of him, considering how he feels about all this surgery stuff.  He looked on while the doc showed me what would be going where, and pulled on stuff and stretched and poked.  I know it’s tough for him, and I am grateful for his support.  I’m probably more worried about him in this process than I am about me 🙂

I had some questions about the details of the surgery, placement of the scars, what would be impacted and what would not be impacted…  Had to make sure that if the cake tattoo got stretched it only got stretched in the correct way.

The doc’s idea is for the scar to go a fair way around the side – but it will not be a full circumferential… there will probably be six to eight inches in the back that will not be cut, but I’ll be getting rid of a lot of skin in the front, and quite a bit on the side.  Unfortunately, there’s some higher up skin on the side that really can’t be impacted by this surgery… but from the description, I think it won’t be something I can’t live with when I am done.  (Because, let’s face it, I am pretty much blowing my surgery wad here – I’m not getting multiple procedures).

The cake tattoo will definitely be stretched up a little as my outer thigh will be pulled up, but it will just make the cake a little taller, which is fine with me – bigger cake is ALWAYS better cake!  I just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be lopsided.

I am still having trouble wrapping my head around exactly what’s going to go where…  but I think that’s just because I am so used to there being so much of me, I can’t fathom stuff actually being gone.  It will be something of an adjustment.

The SB had some questions about the drugs I’d be taking after surgery – and what he’d be doing to help me out in the couple days after the surgery.   I might need an arm to keep balance on when I have to get up to potty the first day.  And I might need a little help with the drains (kind of a yucky part of this – tubes that come out of the incision to drain the swelling… have to be emptied and measured on a regular basis – I am hoping to manage this myself and spare the SB this part of it, but I might need help for the first day or so).

The last question I had was asked for my dear Tiff… and that was – can anyone take pictures during the procedure?  I was kind of expecting a no… but the answer was yes – so if you can believe it, I’m probably going to have crazy disgusting pictures to post of the actual procedure!  (hopefully they’ll still be OK with this day-of).

I got my scrips that I need to have filled before the day of the surgery.  One is for anti-nausea meds.  The other is for Vicotin…  which I hope I will not have to take too much of, not being a huge fan of narcotics… but definitely the first couple of days, I think narcotics will be in order.  Hopefully won’t be taking all 40 of them, because I think that would represent a goodly number of days.

So that’s the current status…  now it’s just the interminable waiting.  I start taking the pre-op vitamins on Tuesday, then it’s just ticking off the days until I get to go!

Woo Hoo!

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4 Responses to 'NCP’s Tummy Tuck Blog – 11/20/09'

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  1. Awesome! I’m excited for you.

  2. Ron said,

    Cake tastes just as good if it’s lopsided! LOL…. I’m sure this is going to be an awesome experience for you and I can’t wait for pictures. I’m sick like that.

  3. tiff said,

    Yay! Pictures!

    I’d come take ’em for ya, but that might be a little too stalker-y, eh wot?

  4. KK said,

    Thanks for posting all this information! I’ve been searching and searching through blogs about tummy tucks! I’m going to have mine January 20th & also looking forward to documenting the process through blog.

    Best of luck & I’ll be sure to bookmark your page so I can see your process!!

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