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NCP’s Tummy Tuck Blog – 12/11/09

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Wow.  I am human again!

Still recovering… but human, at least!

So for those of you who want a long, involved story, stay tuned and click “more” (also for mildly yucky pictures).

If you don’t want an long story, then suffice it to say… I am healing, feeling better, and look forward to more progress on the healing front.

But to the whole story…

Tuesday…  Woke up at the CRACK of dawn… no, wait, it was much earlier than that.  Got all showered up, left the house in time to get to the DR’s office at 7am (which we hit pretty much on the nose).

Got into the office and I barely had time to show the SB how to use my phone in the waiting room when I was called back.  What?  This is the doctor’s office, right?  No long wait?  Well… they don’t take insurance, so I guess they run things on schedule, not trying to fit as many in as possible.

So I go back with a lovely nurse who was very nice to me.  Weighed me on the horrible Dr. scale which, seriously, was 13 pounds more than my home scale.  I will go with “my sweat suit and shoes must weigh 13 pounds” – I don’t know… whatever, it’s just a number, but I always wonder why scales vary so widely.  My regular dr’s scale is only7 pounds different than mine.


So next thing I know, I am in a gown, on a table, have an IV in, and the anesthesiologist is in asking me if I have any allergies.  It was so fast!  I guess they want to make sure you don’t have time to chicken out!

I walked into the OR and got up on the table… and then they were “putting something in my IV to make me relax”

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnd, I woke up three hours later groggy, sore, and (if my scale can be trusted, because I didn’t ask the dr) less four pounds of skin.

Tuesday after that was something of a blur.  I know I did some work email on my blackberry.  I watched a ridiculous amount of Man vs. Food on the travel channel.  I napped.  I took pills.

Not much to remark on or remember.  It was hard to move.  I have drains in my abdomen and I had to learn how to deal with them.  The SB had to follow me around when I got up to make sure I didn’t fall down.  It was not, on the whole, the most pleasant of days.  If I were a richy rich girl, or if anyone contemplating a tummy tuck is a richy rich girl – I would recommend spending the first 24 hours at a staffed recovery center with nice things like nurses and hospital beds.  But… It’s not like I didn’t get through it, so there’s that.

Wednesday… I kind of had this expectation of a nice, relaxed recuperation.  I would read, I would blog, I would get up and ambulate every two hours.

In reality, I barely had the energy to keep one eye on the TV.  I got out the laptop to do some work stuff and managed to do a couple of very important things that HAD to be done… then I put that away (well, ok, every time I say “I” did something, you have to imagine the SB? doing the actual work / lifting / toting / putting, because he has been one hard working caretaker.) I didn’t have enough energy to get through more than a couple of pages in a book.   I read a few blogs, but mostly didn’t have an attention span any longer than 140 characters.  I spent a good bit of time napping that day.  But also, I had a headache and felt like complete crap from the Vicodan (which, it appears, does NOT agree with me)  Wednesday was better than Tuesday, but still isn’t going to go on my list of “days I’d like to do again, please!”

Thursday I actually was starting to feel good.  Step 1…  I only took one vicodan that day… in the morning.  I went to the DR for my follow-up (everything was fine) and told him I didn’t like the Vicodan.  He said I could switch to taking a boat-load of ibuprofen instead, if I wanted to, which I did.  (Although, I’m really not taking that much… I am doing three every five or six hours at the moment.)  I was still super tired, but beginning to feel like I was coming out the other side.  I had permission to shower… but while at the Dr. office, I think his tech pulled just a mite to hard on one of the drains as she was emptying it, and there was some bleeding at the site where the tube comes out, so I decided to post-pone the showering until the next day.

Today…  Today I feel like a human!  Albeit a somewhat fragile one who still can’t stand up straight. I am not really in anything that I could truly call “pain”  although I do have some discomfort here and there.  I am mostly taking the ibuprofen as a precaution against paint that I think I ought to be having.

I showered this morning.  Have spent some time with the abdominal binder (read: girdle) off (which is like heaven!  and I can’t wait until the swelling is minimal enough that I can stop using it!) I even went out to my mom and dad’s house and spent some time there to give the SB a break and let him go out to his favorite pub for a burger and some beers.  He really has been doing a ton of fetching, carrying and helping, but, more to the point, he’s been doing far more worrying than any human ought to have to do.   He’s convinced I am going to break open or have an alien come shooting out of me or something (well, maybe not the alien part) and it’s been rough on him to see me out of it like this.  So a nice lunch out was in order and it gave my Mom a little time to help me and make me a sammich and fetch me some water and all those things that moms like to do (occasionally, as long as you, ya know, don’t try to move back in and get that crap all the time!)

I have spent most of the day computing and doing both work and non-work stuff… I am not particularly exhausted, and I feel good (although I think I will still knock out pretty early tonight)

So that’s it… as I read in other places where people blogged their personal tummy tuck experiences… the first three days are the worst.  I am still taking it VERY easy.  My “exercise” today was sitting on the couch and lifting my arms up and down about 20 times and then stretching my legs about 10 times each.  No, not vigorous… that’s the point.  I am SCRUPULOUSLY following the rules.  I want this recovery to go as smoothly as I have any way of making it go, so I will behave, behave, behave.  Because I want these drains out ASAP!  And I want to live without a binder, and I want very much to be able to walk upright again (Dr thinks I should be upright by next week – everything’s super tight and needs time to kinda stretch out and relax.)

Below are some pictures from “up to now”.

I’ll take more as I go along to show how the scar changes.  Right now, everything’s still all lumpy and I can’t stand up right, but after two or three weeks, it should look more like “normal”  Still… even with the tape and drains, and not being upright, the results right now are looking good!

The pictures are below – don’t look iffn you are squeamish!



Right After

Barely awake, but remembered to get them to take a picture (That's the binder)

Tummy Tuck Plus 3 Days

Tummy Tuck Plus 3 Days - Still kinda bent over.

With the incisions

And this is what the incisions look like... and those tubes are from the drains that are coming out from below the incisions

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8 Responses to 'NCP’s Tummy Tuck Blog – 12/11/09'

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  1. WOW! That is an amazing difference! Wow!

  2. Chrissie said,

    You already look incredible – you must be so pleased with the results!
    Sounds like you picked a good Doctor and they treated you well too – I’m so glad for you!
    Good luck on the standing up straight soon too!

    btw, just wanted to mention something that’s not down to the surgery but only your own hard work – am I allowed to say that your shoulders & upper chest look great, really strong but still feminine! They already did before the operation, but everything just works together even better now!

  3. Sun said,

    You look great! Not too much bruising, at least not yet. Wonderful!

  4. Deborah said,

    Wow.. fantastic!

  5. Wow, your surgeon did a good job! Hope you are healed up soon.

  6. atchka said,

    Hey! They left your kidneys outside your body! You need to back!


  7. tiff said,

    That’s amazing…and what a cute new bellybutton you have!

  8. eb said,

    I had a breast reduction 10 years ago so I know some of what you’re going through. Looks like the doc did a great job. Enjoy your new body!

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