No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

NCP’s Tummy Tuck Blog – 12/13/09

Posted in Health,Surgery,Uncategorized by noceleryplease on December 13, 2009

Things I am looking forward to with passionate intensity:

  • Standing upright
  • Lying flat
  • Lying on my side
  • Having these #$%$ing surgical drains removed.  Four More Days!
  • Not having to wear this supporting binder any more
  • Finishing up taking all these vitamin supplements

Things I am thankful for (so very, very thankful!)

  • Not taking any more pain medicine
  • The love and support of my SB
  • Niece coming over today and cleaning the kitchen and living room
  • Cold paks

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5 Responses to 'NCP’s Tummy Tuck Blog – 12/13/09'

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  1. renn said,

    I’m so glad things are on the mend!

    Chachi and I looked at the photos yesterday; you look incredible!

  2. Ron said,

    Not much longer…. your doing great and the pics were great!

  3. Stephanie said,

    Congratulations on a successful surgery. I am looking forwards to hearing about the progress!
    BODA weight loss

  4. tiff said,

    🙂 just a few more days and you’ll feel ever so much less cyborg.

  5. Rachel said,

    I cant wait for you to be up and about and showing off your new self!

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