No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Hey! There are things going on the the world that are NOT related to tummy tucks!

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on December 16, 2009

Specifically..  Gah!  Christmas is coming.  FAST!

And here I am with hardly any presents bought and CERTAINLY none shipped out to the various places that require shipping.

Pretty sure the mail-out presents are going to be late this year… but hey – whadda ya gonna do?

I guess this weekend is going to call for some shopping activity.  I gotta get a couple of gift cards.  I need to buy some “token” candy / cookie gifts.

Handily, I got my Mom and Dad taken care of.

The SB’s mom and Grandma are the last two “big” things I need to decide on and buy.

AND!  On Monday, I am taking niece to get her nose pierced for her present!  (Yes, her mother approves 😉

Also Monday – going out to some kind of anniversary dinner or something.

Next week should be nice.  I am going to be feeling a lot better… will have no surgical drains in… will be christmassing all over the place.

Oh – and Christmas Meat Pie!

Woo Hoo!


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  1. Bianca said,

    I still have not bought any Christmas presents yet.

    Hope you are feeling good!

  2. Rachel said,

    Like Bianca, I also have no gifts to give anyone. Luckly everyone in my life seems to be understanding of it, but nonetheless I still feel guilty.

    I’m glad you’re coming along quickly!

  3. atchka said,

    “Christmassing all over the place”? You mean those drains are holding in liquid Christmas?


  4. Ron said,

    Very few presents purchased, I’m thinking it’s a gift card Christmas this year.

  5. tiff said,

    “liquid christmas’ I think = bourbon.

    Refusal to notice the upcoming holiday seems to be a common theme this year. Wonder what’s up with that?

  6. I’m with you – right now I’m down to working on the cards (gifts bought already) and I’m sweating the deadline, but I figure it’ll get finished eventually!

  7. I think you have a oretty good excuse to be running late this year. I just mailed out cards yesterday, but this is the first time in several eyars I got them out before the end of the year, so I see that as a victory.

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