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NCP’s Tummy Tuck Blog – 12/27/09

Posted in Health,Surgery,Uncategorized by noceleryplease on December 27, 2009

As I mentioned, I was going to post some more pictures of the in-progress.  As usual, pictures go below the fold in case you don’t want to see them.  So click more to continue.

Tuck Plus 9 Days

Tuck Plus 9 Days


Tuck Plus 15 Days

Tuck Plus 15 Days


Also 15 Days

Also 15 Days - looks pretty normal with the undies...

So there we are… just gotta take it day by day.

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5 Responses to 'NCP’s Tummy Tuck Blog – 12/27/09'

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  1. renn said,

    NCP – You look INCREDIBLE!

    It looks like your stomach is healing up nicely. I bet that, within a few more weeks, you won’t be able to see that scar at all!

  2. Your doc did an amazing job. Did he say anything about using a scar cream to minimize the appearance of the scar? My ob recommended something for my c-section scar and it’s just a tiny white line now.

  3. Rachel said,

    wow, doesnt look like you had any work done. for realz.

    amazing doc right there!

  4. Chickie said,

    Looks awesome.

    Good for you for going for it!

  5. tiff said,

    That’s wonderful work.

    I read today that women’s tummy tucks are harder to recover from because the docs often do muscle remodeling in the ladies whereas in men they just take out the excess flab and skin. So, in this and so many other things, GIRLS RULE. You are the queen of ’em all!

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