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Yeah, I Know

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on January 12, 2010
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OK, OK, so programming my blog to post quotes for 10 days in a row without needing my interference or attention is a slacker move and I ought to be ashamed of myself.  Hmm, strangely, I am not 😉

And yes, there ARE three more days left to go.

On the up side.  I did carefully select them from a list of geek-approved quotes as some of my favorites EVER!    So you are learning at least a little something about me in the process.

So what’s been going on around here?

I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of this “Working” bit.   I tend to not take a lot of vacations during the year… so that leaves me with days to burn at the end of the year and usually from the week before Thanksgiving right through to the end of the year, I am working four day weeks to use up my vacation days.  That’s six or seven four day weeks in a row, usually, and getting back into the habit of working Monday through Friday can be a bit jarring.

Take into account the surgery in December, and this really is a little bit of a rude awakening…  all this “Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm” crap.

Ah well, though… I shall adjust – I do every year.  Plus – next week is short for the MLK Jr. holiday.  Then only three more full weeks until President’s day.  By that time, five day weeks will seem normal again.

The recovery from surgery is going very well.  I plan to take some pics next Tuesday – that’s the six week mark.  The scar is slowly flattening out.  It’s still a big ol’ scar, but I think at the six week mark, I am allowed to start rubbing various oils and remedies on it to start the softening/fading process.  The skin is relaxing and it’s looking more like what I would call a real belly now.  I have a little more underlying fat on the hips than anywhere else, so I have this adorable quasi-muffin top on my hips when I wear my low cut jeans.  Yes – I said adorable…  I like a little curve, and at first was a bit worried I might end up kinda rectangular.  Also, my lower belly is rounding out a bit…  so that looks more like “normal” people too.  I had lost a little extra weight before the surgery, in anticipation of not being able to work out.  And I gained it back plus a little more over the holidays – pretty much the four pounds of skin they took off, I put back on.  But it looks good… my face had been looking a little drawn when I lost the “extra”, and now it’s not, and I don’t want my arms getting any saggier… so I think I’m going to keep those pounds on me and just focus on maintaining the status quo that I have now.   I didn’t mean to write this much – I suppose technically this would belong in a TT post, but hey – it’s my blog 😉

Derby is back on full throttle.  I am allowed to do pretty much everything, although I did find out at practice last night that I’m going to have to really put some work in on the lateral movement.  I’m still a bit stiff in making quick moves and side to side is much slower than it used to be.  Oh well – you can’t just come roaring back in after a surgery.  I am being reasonable in my expectations.

I have my “one on one” review with a training committee member tonight. Also, I am attending what amounts to a try-out practice for the A team tonight.  I am torn about the A-Team thing.  I think I would prefer to stay on the B team for several reasons…  I don’t think my skills are up to A-Team level yet.  I don’t have the “win! win! kill! kill!” attitude that the A team really requires – I prefer more of a “hey, let’s all have fun and play our best” kind of thing (which is fine for the B team). I think I have more to offer the B-Team in the way of being a more experienced player who has NOT been taken up to the A team.  Also, I think I would have a pretty good shot at being captain again if I ask for a few votes.   BUT!  If I want to really improve my skills, A team practice is the place to be.  I know I play better with girls who are better than me.  I am more driven, and the training committee really kicks ass at those practices.  But I know that even if I really push, I simply do not yet have the skills to be more than an alternate on the A roster.  I improve slowly, in tiny increments.  I had originally planned to not even consider the A team until July or possibly September of this year.  It’s merely the fact that several people have left the league and I think this might be an opportunity for me to step up before some of the really good newbies get in there and lock up the spots that is causing me to consider it.  Oh well – who would even say the A team captains would consider me…  I am aware of my skills… In any other situation, I wouldn’t be an option.

I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens.

Oh – and I’m also plotting my next Tattoo… aiming for March.


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  1. tiff said,

    Got with your much-lessened gut feeling on the derby thing. It’s supposed to be FUN, right?

  2. Shawn said,

    I love the look of a muffin top, it’s refreshing to hear (read) that there are women who don’t go into a panic attack at the thought of owning one. Real women have curves. Yay muffing tops!

  3. Sin Plicity said,

    Well you already got one of my votes since I nominated you.

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