No Celery Please – NYC Edition!


Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on January 18, 2010

So I did have my one-on-one review with my TC rep last week.

It was enormously helpful in terms of giving me good, concrete things I can work on to improve my game.  Specifics are always best for me.

For example, I knew going in that most of my issues spring from the fact that my lateral movement is not as good as it needs to be.

But me saying “I need to work on my lateral movement” is much different than someone on the TC saying… “Yes, you are right… and I recommend that you specifically practice skating / weaving on one foot until you are as comfortable doing that (on each foot) as you are on two feet, and you might also want to work some short bits of plyometrics into your regular off-skate workouts, because that will help you with quick direction changes.”

See… those are things I can actually implement, vs. my rather vague need to “work on” it.

I guess that’s why they are the training committee!

So while I was talking to my TC rep… I also said that I didn’t think I was really ready to play on the A-Team yet, and that I felt that I still had more to offer as a B-Dazz.  So I was certainly not surprised when the A Roster came out and I wasn’t on it.  I think that is the best thing for me for now.

However, my TC rep did pull me aside later and tell me that I had been a strong candidate for the A roster, but since I had said I didn’t want to be on it…   yeah so…

Which made me feel really good, and I said so to her.  Hearing that makes me think, well, maybe next quarter I might actually try to get on the A roster.  But for now, I think another couple of months of B-Dazzlement is the right thing for me.

I am in the hat for captain for the B team… the results of that will be in on Tuesday, so we shall see what happens with that.  I think that no matter who’s the captain, we’ve got a pretty good B roster this time around.  I also think that if I DO get captain this time, it will be the last time I do it.  After this, it will be time to try and focus more on me, and stepping up my game, whether I get into the “A” world next quarter or not.


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  1. Bianca said,

    Good for you!! But I am saddened by the lack of actual bedazzling in this post. I was looking forward to some cheesy crafty stuff.

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