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NCP’s Tummy Tuck Blog 1/21/10 – 6 Weeks!

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Wow…   So it’s been six weeks since the surgery.

In some ways, it feels like I healed up in no time at all.

I still remember the first two weeks, though…  Those did not feel like no time.  I felt EVERY ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

Still…  in the grand scheme of things, I feel pretty good about the whole thing.

My torso is “relaxing” now.  I know the full results aren’t seen until around 3 months, but my waist is starting to be more defined than straight down.  The hips are rounder. I have very little swelling (although I can tell that I am flatter in the morning than at the end of the day, I don’t think anyone else would be able to see).

I am pretty much back to normal in terms of activity.  I scrimmaged for the first time in six weeks on Monday, and it was pretty good… a little rusty, but still.  I am feeling good.

My awesome TWO PIECE swim suits came in.  I will only bore you with one picture here, but both bikinis and the one piece all fit and look great.

Six Weeks Out - Bikini!!!

So where do we go from here…?

I’ll tell you – now that I can actually SEE my abs, I have become much more motivated to work on them.  I’ve been adding core work into my exercising, and I am thinking about checking out an ab-specific workout or something.  A)because it’s something I should have been doing all along – you need a strong core for derby, and B)because, hey, why not try and get a little more definition in here, since I will be showing things off now?!

One thing my GP was right about when she told me NOT to do this – now that I have seen what can be done through the magic of surgical intervention, I do find myself looking at the other parts of me (upper arms, loose-ish skin on my back, boobs) and thinking… “hey, I wonder what the doctor could do about THAT?”

She warned me that once you start, you want to keep doing things.

Handily for me, it’s not like I am super rich and so even if I did decide that, yeah, maybe I would like to have a little something taken away here or added to there, I would have to spend another couple years saving up the bucks for it – that’s the kind of thing that makes you really stop and consider whether you REALLY want something done.

For right now, I am going to focus on building upper body strength, working on core strength and flexibility, and seeing if exercise and toning can bring some of the other stuff in line with the new belly.

This will probably be the last TT specific post for a while.  I’ll definitely do a three month picture update, though.

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19 Responses to 'NCP’s Tummy Tuck Blog 1/21/10 – 6 Weeks!'

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  1. Ron said,

    Glad things went so smoothly for you on the surgery and the bikini looks great!!

  2. You look great! I don’t think you need anything else done. 🙂

  3. Good for you! That’s got to feel great.

  4. renn said,

    My entire family has been following your TT, including my 9 year old daughter. I showed her this picture and asked what she thought. She grinned, nodded, and said “That little tummy looks great in a bikini!”

    Please bear in mind that this is the kid who walks past teenagers at the mall and tells them to put some clothes on/pull up their pants. She’s not one to mince words.

    Well done; you look GREAT!

  5. Chickie said,

    You look awesome!

    And I love your cake tat.

  6. Bianca said,

    You so look awesome! Love the pink bikini!

  7. tiff said,

    Most excellent result. Might I suggest to wait for your next ‘improvement’ until you’re solidly in your 40’s? There will be ever so many more items from which to choose on the ol’ plastic surgery buffet. 🙂 You don’t appear to require ANYTHING right now.

  8. mamaV said,

    Howdy! Do you want to contribute to WATRD? Guest post as yourself or anonymous — whatever you are comfortable with. Lemme know 🙂

    PS GREAT tattoo

  9. Tummy Tuck said,

    Thats true don’t need anything else just good exercise and healthy living.Great tummy tuck procedure!

  10. barrylynn said,

    great results on the tummy tuck, keep up the exercise and make sure you never gain extra weight again

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  14. tummytuckr said,

    looking great…..thanks for sharing

  15. Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing the start of your journey. I will be anxious to hear who you decide on for a doctor. Looking forward to reading your posts:)

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  19. samsperonseo said,

    Wow !! you look so beautifull now just continue the exercise and keep in mind not to gain weight again.

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