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Free Money!

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on January 28, 2010
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OK, OK, I know that the tax return is not free money.  It’s MY money that I have overpaid the government and allowed them to use interest-free all year and if I adjusted my withholdings I could have that money in my pocket all year and could invest it in my own way blah blah blah blah.

Let’s face it… if I DID adjust my withholdings and get that extra few bucks in my pocket each paycheck, I would NOT be doing anything responsible with it.  It would just go to the local Chinese restaurant or be used to buy new shoelaces or something.  so I purposely DO NOT adjust the tax withholding so that I may get, what appears to me, to be a large pile of FREE MONEY each February when I do my tax return.  YAY!

As I try to do each year, the largest chunk of it will get squirrelled away in the savings account.  This year, that means the FED return will go into savings.  It will go directly to savings.  It will not pass go.  It will not allow anyone to collect $200.  And there’s no “get out of savings free” card either.

BUT!  The STATE return… well, that’s never super large or anything.  So we take that to spend on any frivolity we might care to.  Half for me and half for the SB.

$288 to spend on any ridiculous thing I want!  Woo Hoo!

I am getting an iPod.

Specifically a “Refurbished iPod nano 8GB Orange (previous generation)” – which is only $99, as opposed to the current version fancy pants “I have a video camera in me” Nano, which would run me $149.  I don’t really need the camera, and since I am so very, very late adopting this crazy “iPod” technology anyway, I think I can stand to be a version behind.

The rest I am tagging for my upcoming tattoos!



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  1. Christine said,

    Although your logic that you would spend the extra money is sound and correct. I can’t get onboard giving the US government an interest free loan every year. So yeah..I spend every dime as I get it but it makes me feel like I am making a statement…so there. 🙂

  2. atchka said,

    Blow and hookers, that’s what I’m spending my tax return on.

    Oh, and, um… yeah, whatever’s left goes into savings.


  3. Al said,

    I put in a new heating system which is energy efficient, and did some home improvements, so I am going to get back a wad. Being the grasshoppeer that I am, we are going to buy a Volkswagen Hippie Van Westfalia camper van. And maybe disappear off the grid for a while.

  4. Ron said,

    I’m getting some free money too, but sadly it all will go toward some bills…. :*(

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