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I am not Hungry. I am just Bored.

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on February 18, 2010
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My brain would like me to think I am hungry.

My brain is sitting up there in my head, thinking all manner of loud thoughts about “Aren’t you still hungry?”  “Wouldn’t you like to go to the snack machine and get a nice cookie!?”, “mmmmmm  coooookie”, “Cookies are so tasty!  Don’t you want one?”

So, I checked with my stomach.

“Hey Stomach!?”


“Are you hungry?”

“Hey, no, man…  we had a can of soup for lunch.  And we had a cup of hot cocoa after that.  We are all fine and full down here… no need for anything else to join this party.”

I thought as much.

I have completed pretty much everything on my “to do” list for the day.  Except that one last thing.  That thing I’ve been moving along each day and saying “well, I’ll get to that tomorrow”  And now it’s 2 pm.  And I have 3 hours of work day left, and only that one thing sitting there, waiting for me to work on it.

So now my brain, in a last ditch effort to avoid doing this task is trying to ply me with thoughts of cookies from the snack machine in the break room.

Bu I am not falling for its little tricks.  For while eating cookies is a perfectly fine thing, and I do not have a problem with cookies, per se…  I do NOT like to give into the kind of blatant manipulation that the ol’ brain is trying to pull here.

You hear that, brain?  I know what your little game is!

I am NOT hungry…  I am just bored.

Maybe just a few more minutes on FaceBook….


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  1. nycivan said,

    My stomach, cast iron, durable, weathered, and strong. Looks over at your stomach and is very interested in how it just went right out and called out your brain. Very interesting.

    In fact, my stomach is not really interested in nutella, but my brain loves the idea of joking around about nutella with everyone on the site…

    So today I may still go get, eat, and enjoy the nutella, I might also rainscheck it until my stomach is all like… yo, Ivan! I am so in the mood to try that nutella today.

    I can still find ways to connect and joke around with everyone, even if I have been outed as never, ever, have had nutella pass over my 43 year old tastebuds.

    I am actually craving fruit so I may even go out and buy some! Or maybe I will go to Jamba and mix my fruit with a whole lotta YUMMY. My choice.



    p.s. now I am feeling all like proud that I have decided to not have nutella today. like somehow tI should be complimented for my “Good Fatty” revelation.

    Okay… this free thinking shit is fucking challenging. Thanks Shannon!

    seriously… thanks shannon 🙂

  2. Hey Ivan… they DO sell Nutella in little single serve packs… so if you do find yourself interested in trying it, you don’t have to, like, get the whole JAR, and then risk not liking it and then have to throw it away or anything.

    My brain thanks you for posting this timely comment – I had JUST put the title in the PPT that I am trying to avoid working on, and my brain was all like… “Hey! We did one slide! We can totally go see what that comment says!” 🙂

  3. ROFL!!! Your brain is a wily one!

  4. Rachel said,

    Intuitive eating FTW!

    i can pretty much do the same thing, except in my case, at the end of such a dialouge, my distraction seeking brain says “fuck you stomach, you gonna have this food and like it, because i said so!”

    yeah, still working on that 🙂 lol thanks for the inspiration, on willing my stomach to have a spine.

  5. whatigotsofar said,

    I disagree. Boredom = hunger because eating is a fun thing to do.

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