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What Dreams May Come

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on April 19, 2010

I feel like I need to document the dream I had this morning.  It was bad.  Not terrible, horrifying, Zombie bad.  Just…  relentlessly crappy.

It started out that I was on my way to derby scrimmage, which for some reason was taking place at the local whitewater park.  The roads into this place are not good, and I got stuck at the bottom of the hill.  I could see all these other cars getting in to the place, but I was stuck in the mud and I couldn’t get up the hill.

So the SB shows up and then suddenly we are back in the car, unstuck, and heading towards practice, which I guess this time was taking place in the proper location, because I was getting on 485 to go to Gastonia.  But then all of a sudden, I didn’t know which part of the highway I was on, and didn’t know which ramp to take, and I was just going to drive on by, but then the road I was on was going to force me onto a ramp, and I suddenly decided I had to be on the other one.  So I stop the car and look around and the road is deserted, so I back up far enough to get on that other ramp.

And then suddenly, there’s a major accident right where I just backed through…  like tractor trailers and carnage, etc.  So I couldn’t go.  And I pulled over, and then suddenly, my car broke down.  So there’s all these police, etc. and I am pulled over on the side of the road.

So I try to call the roadside assistance, but suddenly my blackberry had been replaced by an iPhone, and I couldn’t figure out how to make a call on it, so I was stuck there.  And then a friend of mine shows up and helps me dial the phone, but then she disappears before I talk to the roadside assistance people and the phone disappears with her… so stuck again.

So then this police woman at the scene, who I appear to be friends with, but do not recognize as anyone in my life now, says she’ll take the SB and I home.  And we are on the way, but then she has to stop at this place to meditate.  So we stop, and we go in and wait.  But it’s taking forever and I decide I want to leave.  At some point I have taken my shoes off, and now they are gone, so I go looking for my shoes and it turns out the staff took them, and they said I had made an appointment at this place months ago that I didn’t keep, and now they were going to keep my shoes so I couldn’t leave and I would have to keep my appointment to join this group (which I suddenly in the dream knew was a crazy brain sucking cult)  So I just start walking around this place yelling very loudly. ” I would like to have my shoes returned to me, please”. (very polite).  They kept trying to make me go meditate, but I wouldn’t and then one of them tried to trap me in a net, but I got out of that, and then finally the Dr. in charge of the place shows up and gives me my shoes back and says I am free to leave.

So I’m leaving, and I look for the SB.  But it turns out he has been arrested and taken to jail while I was trying to get my shoes back.  And then I am running around trying to figure out why he was in jail and no one would tell me.  He just was arrested.  And finally someone pointed me to the police officer who had arrested him, but that guy was lying down face first in a puddle, like passed-out drunk, and I couldn’t figure out why or how he could have arrested anyone in that condition, so I picked his head out of the puddle and tried to make him tell me, but all he said was that the SB had gone into the restaurant.

And then I sat down on the sidewalk and burst into tears.  And cried and cried and cried.

Then I woke up.

I don’t often remember my dreams.  Perhaps this is why…


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  1. Rachel said,

    That is a supremely crappy dream.

    Sounds like something in your real life is stressing you out, and your brain is choosing this method to cope with it.

    • You know – I see all the “trapped” and “stuck” imagery – but I really can’t connect it to anything I am thinking or feeling right now – it’s just weird!

  2. Al said,

    That was some weird dream.
    I wouldn’t try to place to much importance on it. Sometimes a dream is just our heads way of taking a little vacation from reality.

  3. tiff said,

    Well, thank goodness I’m not the ONLY one who has this dream.

    I can only assume it was in color??

  4. Ron said,

    What? It’s similar to mine except I’m being chased by transvestite zombies with trained monkeys on leashes……

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