No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Weekend Letdown

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on June 1, 2010

I would not want to live in a perpetual state of “Weekend”

It is, frankly, exhausting.

Not that I am not TOTALLY looking forward to retirement in around 17 to 18 years.  But that’s different.

Retirement still allows for having a routine, things that are done, schedules that are followed.

It’s the complete randomness of a long weekend.  Especially with my family’s penchant for last minute plans and get-togethers, that I find exhausting.  Too much humanity, too much food, too much whirlwind.  I am a curmudgeon at heart and all this takes its toll.

I need to return to work to rest up and get back into the routine, the regular, the uncrazy.


2 Responses to 'Weekend Letdown'

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  1. tiff said,

    I hear ya. Sometimes going to work is the ‘break’ I need!

  2. Rachel said,

    hells to the yeah!

    the LAST thing I want to do on a holiday is be social or physical. I just want to read, damnit.

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