No Celery Please – NYC Edition!


Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on June 18, 2010
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Ow Ow

So without going into too much detail, I found that it was time to move on from the roller derby league that I had been affiliated with, and join a new one.

The reffing that I had been doing for the last two months, while better for my injured knee, appears to not have been doing all that effective a job for the rest of me.

I started back to practicing with the new league (I am going to be helping as a trainer, and hope to be able to get back to recreational play, but still have no plan to go back to full-participation in bouting, but I am still going to practice with them).

The pain of getting back into really serious workouts.  OW.

I thought that with the biking and climbing, workout tapes, etc. etc…  I thought I was doing pretty well in the “keeping in shape” department.

That thought was a lying lie.

Ah well, back at it, and at least I haven’t lost my ability to whinge about stuff.


2 Responses to 'Ow'

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  1. whatigotsofar said,

    The day you stop whining is the day you die, so keep on whining.

  2. tiff said,

    I would SO love to hear the backstory. Good luck getting over the owies!

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