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Getting Back on The Horse

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on October 28, 2010

Apparently, when one goes away from a blog for a very long time, this “posting” thing becomes less of a habit.

I am a creature of habit.  I do the same things on the same nights of the week.  I buy the same things each week at the grocery store.


Me likey.

So I maybe have to figure out a way to squeeze this back into the routine, because it is a fun little place to let things out.

I just have to remember to come in every once in a while.

Oh, and Tuesday is election day, right?  Go vote!


3 Responses to 'Getting Back on The Horse'

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  1. Ron said,

    I’ve already voted!!! I loves absentee ballots, no rush or lines or anything!

  2. Al said,

    Me, too with the habit thing.

    Since I went on second shift, everything is all cattywampus, and I have gotten out of the habit of blogging.

    Alreaady voted. The only question is which brand off crooks to you want handling your interrests and money

  3. Deborah said,

    can hardly wait for tuesday morning. going to vote then skip (ok, maybe not skip) across the street for pumpkin donut and pumpkin coffee…(ok, maybe not donut). 😉

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