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I Want a Smarter Phone

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on November 11, 2010

Oh Blackberry…  How I loved my curve when I first got it.

OK, I still love it.

But I feel like I could love it so much more if there were only some decent apps for it!

Why is everything only available for iPhone and Droid?

Now, I’m not an “iPerson”, which means I most likely will never get an iphonepodpadgod.

But I had hopes that one day my phone might be able to do such things as host a decent facebook app, or allow me to “check in” places and show everyone who knows me that I have stopped to get my oil changed or whatnot.

Recently, I found out that I am using a second rate calorie counting site… why?  Because the best one only works on iPhone and Droid.

Stupid smart phone.

Well, my company allows me a new phone every two years, so maybe in a year I can get something better.

In the meantime, it’s half-assed Blackberry apps for me!


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  1. Chickie said,

    I was anti-Apple until I got an iPhone. Now, I’m a mindless drone. But! I have lots of games to play! And Netflix to the phone!

    Usually, I sit in bed and play on the phone until I’m sleepy but I had too many new things I wanted to play with the other night. I became overwhelmed and just went on to bed.

    Some of my friends have Blackberrys and say they’ll never give them up. I was afraid of getting dirt in between all the little buttons.

  2. wigsf said,

    A phone is only as smart as the person using it.

    I used to be able to memorize phone numbers. Cell phones killed that ability in me.

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