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You would seriously think I had lived through the Great Depression

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on November 20, 2010
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I made some brown rice last Sunday.  I like to add a half cup of it to my dinner now… you know… now that I am “Post-Creamer” and am having to figure out ways to add more calories to my day that are not comprised entirely of modified corn syrup solids and hydrogenated oil.

So anyway, I made a cup of rice, which is a little bit more than was needed for the week.

So this morning, I’m sitting here thinking about the last half-ish cup of brown rice sitting there in the fridge.

We don’t eat dinner at home on the weekends, so I know I’m not going to get a chance to eat it before it gets too old.

But the thought of tossing it was all “WHAT!?  YOU ARE GOING TO WASTE A HALF CUP OF PERFECTLY GOOD RICE!!???”

Don’t even get me started on the starving children in Africa – as if I could send them my half cup of rice.

So it also happens that I had one single lonely packet of apple cinnamon instant oatmeal left as well.

Of course, I did what any good depression-era house wife would do… I made the packet of oatmeal with twice the water, then I added the rice to it.

It actually made kind of a tasty breakfast… kind of not too sweet and nutty.

So now you know… if you run out of oatmeal, you can always add in a little brown rice.  Or, conversely, if you are desperate to use up that last half cup of rice… add it to some oatmeal 😉

That’s my tip to you from the part of my brain that lives in 1930.

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  1. wigsf said,

    Uncle Ben for breakfast, hmm…

    • Mahatma! I don’t go for that Uncle Ben stuff 😉

  2. That is most excellent!

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