No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

The World is Made of Salt

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on November 22, 2010

Since I signed up for this food tracking thing, it’s been giving me a big red bar on my sodium intake every day.

It seems that no matter what I get, it’s all got a ridiculous level of salt in it.

But it appears that the only option to get food with less sodium is to actually grow the vegetables yourself, slaughter your own chickens, and cook every morsel you consume from scratch.

So I go to all this trouble to choose “healthy” foods that are low in fat, calories, cholesterol, carbohydrates, blah blah blah, and then they are killing me by adding salt to all of it.

You just can’t win.


4 Responses to 'The World is Made of Salt'

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  1. wigsf said,

    Can’t win. Don’t try. Got it.

    • That’s the attitude I like to see!

  2. Deborah said,

    It can be a monumental challenge.

  3. Ron said,

    Damn Them!!!! I sort of look at it like this, salt is a preservative and I want to preserve my body… so yay!!!

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