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Good To Have a Plan

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on November 23, 2010
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Food-based celebrations are always a little fraught for me.

Let’s face it… pretty much everywhere on the planet, food is considered an appropriate reward for good behavior, or a necessity to celebrations and get-togethers.

Did something go well at work?  Let’s take the group out to lunch as a reward.  Is it your birthday?  anniversary? Here, have some cake.

People WANT to feed other people.  It’s human nature.

But to me… none of that is a reward.

So… I did something good, and as a reward, you want to take me out to lunch?

But I already had my food panned for the day.  I have my can of soup.  I know how many calories is in it.  I know what my post-lunch and then afternoon snack are going to be.

Now you want to take me out some place where I have no idea what the nutritional information is.  You want me to have to guess my way through the menu… find something that “looks” like it might be healthy enough and have a similar number of calories as what I already planned.  Let me go ahead and tell you… it’s probably not going to be anything very “good”… a salad with some chicken on it is usually the only safe bet in most restaurants.  I would be MUCH HAPPIER if you had just said thank you and left me alone to my soup.

Handily… my boss is well aware of my eating preferences… so any impromptu outings they do while he’s in town, will stop by my office “just to check” to see if I want to go, but there’s no expectation that I will.  So there, they have fulfilled the need to be gracious and invite me, but don’t actually expect me to go along.  If the boss is coming in and wants to do some kind team dinner or something…  he gives me plenty of notice.  I’m not against going out, per se…  just let me work it into the overall plan.

I mean… lord knows that I love me some cake.  But I don’t want to have it as a surprise.  I need to make sure that it fits into my overall eating for the day.  Which it totally can, but not if it’s spring on me at the last minute when I’ve already had 3/4 of my daily intake!

So, speaking of things that require advance planning.

Thanksgiving is coming.

Historically, no matter what I “intend” to do, I end up eating too much on this day of excess.

So I thought I had better have a plan going in this year.

Handily… my nutrition tracker really helps with this… it’s easier to see exactly what you can do if you have a better idea of what each item is going to “cost” you.

There’s some things I love about Thanksgiving.  My Mom’s mashed potato stuffing… Her Mashed Carrots and Turnips (I know, it sounds gross, but I love them)… Cranberry Sauce…. Mac and Cheese.

But even though I DEFINITELY want to eat all these things.  There’s no reason I should eat so much that I am going to make myself sick.

So This year, I have pre-registered what I am eating for Thanksgiving dinner with my calorie counter.

It’s still a lot of food.  But I’m hoping that going in armed with a measuring cup and a plan will help me to STOP eating before I am so full I want to throw up.

Thu, Nov 25 2010
Grade Grams Cals

1/2 cup Stuffing
C 75 190

1/4 Jellied Cranberry
70 110

3 Cups Caesar Salad Prepared Mix Lite – Completes
B- 300 300

6 oz Turkey Hen Breast
168 270

1/2 cup Baked Macaroni and Cheese
C- 57 111

1/4 cup Carrots
A 57 14

1/4 cup Turnips
A 58 13
Total Calories Consumed 1,008

I have, in the past, tried to just go with the salad… but then I feel like I missed the “meal” after that, and I end up going back for the higher calorie stuff anyway.

Here I get to have all the less healthy stuff on the plate at the same time as I am loading up on salad… I think this is a workable plan that will let me get through the day without feeling either sick or “bad” about my choices.

Happy Thanksgiving!

3 Responses to 'Good To Have a Plan'

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  1. I only eat the sides. As a former vegetarian, I don’t care for the meat and eat everything else in moderation.

  2. tiff said,

    Dang – 1000 calories for that meal = clearly I’m eating way too much.

    But thanks for the heads-up. If i can NOT take second on the corn casserole – I think I might be fine.

  3. renn said,

    Wow. I truly admire your dedication and attention to your eating and health!

    I, on the other hand, will not be tracking my calories on Thanksgiving. I will drink a lot of water and wear my Eating Pants.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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