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I’m not disabled… I just want to stand up!

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on January 27, 2011

So word on the adjustable sit / stand thingy for my desk is no.

Well… or… I have to have a letter from the doctor stating that I need it for medical purposes.

Which…  I do not.

I am not trying to get them to make an accommodation for a disability.  I’m not injured and in need of help.

I just want to spend a few hours every day standing up!

Just getting my butt out of the chair for four out of my 9ish work hours has increased my average “calorie per minute” burn from 1.1 to 1.28. (Yes, I know this because I have a monitor and I am a data geek!)

OK, sure, in a single day, that’s doesn’t mean much…  If I spend 600 minutes at work, that’s only about a 100 extra calories in a day.

But… hey now… that’s 500 in a week.  That’s ONE WHOLE PIECE OF CAKE EVERY WEEK that I am burning JUST BY STANDING UP!

I’m not jogging in place, I’m not doing jumping jacks… merely standing up at my desk as I go about my general typing, mousing, etc. etc.

As I build up my endurance, I could perhaps reach 5 or 6 hours of standing each day.  I COULD HAVE ICE CREAM!!!

But the company (and, admittedly, for good reasons*) does not see fit to spend the $600 on an appliance that will allow me the luxury of simply pushing a lever or something to raise my work area.

So.. in the interest of not doing myself a back injury  by staring down at my screen while I stand…  I have acquired for myself…


So now I have the box that I pick up and put on my desk to raise my keyboard and mouse.

And I have another box that I leave on my desk behind the monitor that I place the monitor on so it’s at eye level.

Small issue – I think I strained my shoulder just a teeny bit today lifting the monitor up… It’s a flat screen, but still, those are not incredibly light.

I’ll make sure to lift it with better form tomorrow.

The boxes, BTW, look absolutely hideous 😉  But they are accomplishing the goal!


* I do not blame the facilities folks for this at all.  If they get me special furniture, then they would have to get EVERYONE special furniture.  I understand corporate life.  If I get a Dr. note, then it’s a reasonable accommodation.  If I just “Want” something, well…  that’s a slippery slope, my friend, with a couple thousand “wanters” on the campus who I am sure would all like their special thing.

Sigh – I wish I could be peeved about this, but I’m just too darn understanding 😉


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  1. Grant said,

    You have more reasonable employers than mine. My doctor recommended working from home since going to the office is having a serious effect on my condition, sometimes leading to otherwise unnecessary hospitalizations. But my employer manages to hide behind a series of legal issues, such as how they don’t actually punish employers who won’t make reasonable accommodations (note – Ii can do 100% of my job from home, but my employer pays extra money to ensure I have a cubicle to inhabit), and so my verbal contract with them is stay healthy enough to work a consistent 40 hours per week from your cubicle or we replace you.

  2. utenzi said,

    A woman with one box is commonplace, a woman with two boxes is heavensent. Are you an angel?

  3. DebraSY said,

    Contact paper. Your boxes could be gorgeous. (Would your employer allow you work time to do this?) Thought for the day.

  4. tiff said,

    that’s genius – I’mma do the same thing as my back has decided that the near-constant slumping is not a god thing.

    • I’m up to about 4 hours a day of standing now… it’s really doing great things for my back strength. (But MAN, was it hard at first!)

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