No Celery Please – NYC Edition!


Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on February 2, 2011

I am not what one might call nostalgic or sentimental.

But all the wedding pictures had been packed away in the attic and someone I knew went all… “OH NOES!!  IT’S HOT UP THERE!  THEY WILL MELT!”

And… while, again, I am not super sentimental.. I at least have enough in me to want to be able to look back at my own WEDDING at some point in the future.. for Pete’s sake!

Anywho…  the lovely SB did me the favor of scanning all the pics (yes, we were married so long ago, pictures were taken on this stuff called “Film”).

So here’s a couple of things for your amusement… circa 12/21/1996…

And, most important….  CAKE!


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  1. DebraSY said,

    Aren’t you the clever girl!? Get married at Christmas time and use the Christmas decorations as your wedding background. Pretty! Pretty!

  2. Yes! Put that in your “tips for how to have a cheap wedding” file!

  3. tiff said,


    Happy memories, no doubt.

  4. renn said,

    I love it!

  5. Ron said,

    As long as you still get as many presents as if you had the two events individually it’s cool.

  6. Lillian said,

    You were a beautiful bride. I love the pictures.

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