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Here I am Again

Posted in Just... Life,Outdoorsy! by noceleryplease on June 28, 2012

Once you fall out of the habit of doing something, it’s incredibly hard to get back into it.  And, seriously, I took a loooooong break from this blogging business.

I mean to blog, but somehow it just doesn’t happen.  And then I just keep writing blogs about how I mean to blog.

And who the hell wants to read that!?

So… new topic…

Outdoor activities!  New Obsession!

If you have been around here at all, I am sure you know I get obsessed with stuff.

Now that Derby is officially done and I am “just a fan”, I have room in my life to head back out in the woods.

I have also recently discovered the ABSOLUTE JOY of flatwater kayaking.  OMGAWESOME!


Bonus – it appears to be something the SB will be willing to go along with sometimes. So there’s that whole “marital togetherness” thing as well.

We got passes this year to the US National White Water Center so I can pretty much go grab a kayak any time I want and head out on the river.  This place is awesome and about 5 mins from my house.

But of course – as with all things I find I like – I WANT MORE MORE MORE!

I don’t want to only be able to go on the river by my house!  I want to get out!  Lakes!  Rivers!  So much flat water, so little time!

And so, as I have learned, I need to rein myself in a little or I will definitely get all crazy with this.


  1. I am absolutely not allowed to consider buying my own kayak until I have spent the WHOLE SUMMER paddling at the USNWC.
  2. I am NOT ALLOWED TO BUY A NEW CAR THIS YEAR!  (because, obviously, one cannot buy kayaks without a vehicle that can carry them.
  3. START SMALL! No jumping into thinking about crazy trips or anything.  One step at a time, girly!

So there’s that.

I made the rules, I gotta keep them.

In the mean time, with all this time I have that is no longer taken up with derby, I am getting back to the woods.  Hiking. Loving it.  Even considering an overnight!  Just one, though!  See rule 3 above 🙂


3 Responses to 'Here I am Again'

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  1. Ron said,

    What??? No kayak plans to cross the Atlantic??? Seriously no commitment to a sport here 😉

  2. rennratt said,

    Kayaking sounds like a blast! Be sure to take a lot of pictures.

  3. Tiff said,

    you cannot start small. That’d be too much like being an adult. 🙂

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