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What is the sound of one brain obsessing?

Posted in Just... Life,Navel Gazing,Outdoorsy! by noceleryplease on July 2, 2012

Yes, yes, I know that I become utterly obsessed with hinge that catch my interest.

Handily, I am learning valuable lessons about dealing with that.

This weekend’s RIDICULOUS heat slapped a big ol’ dose of reality on my most recent I AM GOING TO BE AN AWESOME OUTDOORSY CAMPING HIKING KAYAKING EARTH LOVING SUPERWOMAN obsession.

I mean, let’s face it… I DO love the woods, and I love the kayaking… And I still plan on trying the backpacking type camping… But the wild fantasies of tossing a sleeping bag in the back of my super awesome off road vehicle and heading out to the wild at the drop of a hat were only ever going to be just that. Because this weekend it was WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT BEING OUTSIDE IN 100 DEGREES!!??!!??

At least I know my own crazy 🙂


So this afternoon I was pondering my tendency to go all BANZAI on new interests.

I was thinking… Well… Buddhism is all about detachment and distance from these types of “desire” based thoughts… I wonder if there’s anything there that might help me to do this a little less.

And then I had to laugh… Because knowing me… I would start looking into it and the BECOME TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH DETACHMENT.

Hey! Maybe that’s like one of those Zen paradox things that people ponder to reach enlightenment! Well… I guess that’s done then.

Anyway… I am sure the SB will be grateful to the heat wave once he realizes it short circuited what would usually take weeks to get over.

So the heat did SOME good, anyway!


3 Responses to 'What is the sound of one brain obsessing?'

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  1. Ron said,

    LOL guess the heat wave is good for something 😉

  2. Tiff said,

    ah, cooler heads have prevailed.

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