No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

One Week!

Posted in Fooooooooooood! by noceleryplease on July 20, 2012

So – it has been a week since I stopped tracking my calories.  It’s surprisingly less stressful for me than I thought it would be.

I’ve been eating whole foods, fats, protein, much lower carbs that I used to – although I did add it up one day, and what I am eating is only “low carb” by comparison to my previous intake.  I am trying to get about 100 to 150 per day and since I am eating a lot of veg / fruit / other fresh foods, it’s not hard to get there on that alone.

I am playing around with what I feel best eating.  Right now the only thing that I have taken completely off the table is refined grains / sugars / processed foods…

I am on the fence with whole grains… after a week with none, I ate Oatmeal (steel cut) yesterday, and I felt really bad afterwards.  Who knows – I may have a bit of a gluten intolerance that I never noticed?  Anyway, this morning I went with Quinoa and breakfast went much much better.  I will continue to experiment with what I eat and how it makes me feel.

Paying more attention to my body has been interesting.  I used to think I had NO hunger signals…  but I clearly do.  I can feel it when I am “hungry” now – as opposed to “hmm…. I want to eat sugar”.

Now, obviously, lack of sugar and refined grains IS going to put a crimp in my cake habit, but I have ALREADY found a super yummy looking Carrot Cake recipe that uses coconut flour and almond meal honey and eggs.  SO you KNOW I need to try that.

Right now, I am just enjoying the variety of stuff I have brought back into my diet and glorying in full fat dairy…  Yogurt!  Cheese!  Cream!  Oh My!

Now – Next thing – an attempt to find something besides FOOD to blog about.  Because, damn…  this has to suck for my 3 readers 🙂

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  1. Tracy Kaply said,

    Dude, I totally though I had you in my RSS feed reader and when I was clearing out the old blogroll, I saw that I didn’t, on account of you not havinbg a damn feed. So I subscribed by email and feel much better.

  2. Ron said,

    You could blog about bacon… nobody gets tired of bacon…

  3. Tiff said,

    Right on, Ron!

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