No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Long Drives

Posted in Travel by noceleryplease on July 27, 2012

Oh how I hate them.

But tomorrow I will be sitting in a car for 9 hours.  Ugh.

To prepare…

Packing tonight.

Ripping a “Book on CD” to my MP3 player (Gary Taubes’ “Good Calories / Bad Calories”)

Packing several other non fiction low carb life -related books in my bag.

Packing my Kindle – in case I decide to go fictional for a while.

Packing road snacks… nuts / jerky / pork rinds.

With luck, I can make it without going crazy.  I HATE LONG CAR RIDES!

At least we are flying back…  Ironically, with the layover it’ll take almost as long, but I won’t be IN A CAR the whole time!


3 Responses to 'Long Drives'

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  1. Doc Nagel said,

    Be careful! Once, I put nuts/jerky/pork rinds on an mp3 player, and brought a book on cd as a snack. Awful, awful trip.

  2. those CDs really stick between your teeth 😦

  3. Ron said,

    I’ll take some of the jerky and pork rings if you’re driving by my area…

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