No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Home Again, Home Again

Posted in Just... Life,Travel by noceleryplease on July 31, 2012

Well, that was a whirlwind 3 days.

Spent Saturday on the LONGEST DRIVE EVER!  OK, OK, it wasn’t that bad, but sheesh, do I HATE long car rides.  Even sitting int he back with books and snacks, etc.  I hate the enforced confinement and the lack of movement.  Oh well, I guess it’s good to do it every once in a while – just to remind me WHY I FLY PLACES I NEED TO GO!!!

Spent a very lovely Sunday on the beach in FLA.  Lots of walking in the surf and reading and relaxing.  It’s a very nice place.  It does end up stressing me after a while.  There are a lot of folks packed into the beach house – it’s a family thing where everyone goes.  I am (as if this is a shock to you) an introvert by nature… and the constant presence of people – even thought they are family and I like them and enjoy them – is REALLY draining for me.  It’s just part of who I am that it kinda saps me.  But – it’s still fun… and I go to bed early.

Monday we drove inland to Gainesville for the actual reason we went to Florida – which was a memorial service for the SB’s grandmother.  She was a lovely lady, and we are sad she’s gone.  But she was 98 – almost made it to 99… and was QUITE CLEAR to her doctor that she had no intention at all of seeing 100…  she just had gone on long enough for her.

So it was a very nice service and then we had a nice lunch at a local restaurant where we reminisced more about her.  That was nice too.

Thence to the airport. to wait for our flight out.  We went home through Atlanta – WORST AIRPORT EVER!  (But I already knew that).  It was ridiculously crowded.  which is what happens when you travel when children are not in school.

But we got back home.  My folks met us with our dog at the airport and dropped us off at home.

The whole thing might have been a little nicer if I wasn’t still in busy time at work… so I could only take Monday off for the memorial and I was working on Sunday at the beach house and on Monday at the airport.  but these are the things that happen when you have a job 😉

Other sad news greeted us when we got home.  My Sister’s dog, Toby… had to be taken to the pound.  He has now bitten 4 people 😦

The first time.. it was the 7 year old in the family.  Now, that kid can’t leave well enough alone, and will bother the dog… so if he gets bitten, I was more inclined to offer a pass to the dog and tell the kid to leave the dog alone if he’s got food or a treat.

But then he also bit the older boy who NEVER bothers him… then my sister was stepping over/around him this week and he bit her ankle… the final straw was a visiting friend who was pretty much not doing anything and he bit her.

Sad…  And not really sure what happened… he was always kinda doofy… and a bit wild (Labs / German Shep – gonna be immature)…  but never territorial or anything.

But just over the past month – got bitey.  It’s one thing to put your kids and yourself in danger and keep the dog because you love him.  But if you have random people over and he does something, it’s a whole different legal question.

So – much sadness in my sister’s house.

Anywho… that’s all the news that’s fit to print for today.  Guess I had better do some of this work that piled up even though I tried to keep up.

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