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A Weekend (Not) Adventure

Posted in Just... Life by noceleryplease on August 6, 2012

So the most exciting thing I did this weekend was to color my hair.

I tried to get a decent picture of the color… but you know what?  Web Cams and Office florescents and backlighting… these are all issues that kinda stand in the way of that.  so instead I give you a few mediocre pictures that at least show how the growing and curlifying is coming along… the color… it’s more burgundy than you can really tell in the pictures, but you get the general idea.





Here’s the ultimate goal:


So it’s kinda coming along…

The second most exciting thing was to take a couple of nephews to see Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Not the worst movie ever.  I really liked the first Ice Age… they have gotten progressively less good as they went along.  the SB HATED HATED HATED it…  because of the rather ridiculous abuse of the geology…  continental drift is NOT something you can actually SEE happening, obviously.  Yes… he was willing to accept talking mammoths, mammoths hanging upside-down like possum, giant ice bergs shaped like pirate ships and crewed by an assortment of mangy animals, attack hamsters, and an assortment of other things that required a suspension of disbelief…  but the wall of rock actually moving inexorably forward forcing the animals off the continent tipped him over the edge.

I just sat back and let it wash over me. I like Ray Romano as a mammoth, and I find the movies enjoyable enough.  It was cute and we went to the early show, so it was only $20 for the 4 of us.  I felt like it was worth it to do something with the boys.  The youngest liked the movie, but has trouble sitting through an entire show.  The older nephew (10) liked it, but he was embarrassed to admit liking it after listening to the SB hate on it, I think… so he didn’t say much 😉

Other than that, it was meat-a-palooza at the Chinese Buffet on Sunday.  It was my first “low carb” outing at the buffet… and while I DID “miss” a couple of the things that I used to eat that I happen to know are loaded with sugar or flour (deep fried Chinese donuts are off the list now), I did acquit myself very well with beef and chicken and pork and “krab” and mushrooms and cabbage and onions.  It’s STILL a good thing to have the “only once a month” rule… We went there at 1:30 yesterday.  It’s 9am now and I still have no real interest in breakfast.

Baked my folks a low carb banana bread made with almond meal and coconut flour.  Accidentally baked it on convection rather than “bake”…  so it was a bit more “done” than I might have liked (as I did not notice until the very end).  But it was still yummy – just not quite as moist as I might have liked.

I actually had intended to do a whole different topic this morning… I have a discussion in mind that I want to have about being “normal” – which dear Tiff accused me of mentioned on face book – and why I am thinking that it’s a direction that I am OK with.  But this is pretty long already, so I’ll tackle that tomorrow, I think.


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  1. Ron said,

    Being normal…. what exactly is that??? And I totally get the movie thing. I went and saw one movie and was able to let go all the impossible things that happened, but I watched a shot where a guy got in one side of the car with someone and they both exited from the opposite sides and it totally messed up the movie for me…

  2. Sun Enge said,

    My psych prof stated the first day of class “There is NO such thing as normal. It is a false state perpetuated by the mental health profession to make money.” He had been a practicing child psychologist until he became totally disgusted by the way the medical profession was pushing more and more drugs.

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