No Celery Please – NYC Edition!


Posted in Fooooooooooood!,Just... Life by noceleryplease on August 27, 2012

So while I DID give up the obsessive tracking of calories on my computer, I had sorta switched over to estimating in my head what I’m taking in each day.

I am really trying to give that up, because when I guess, it’s always higher than actual.

I’m making progress – mostly because I am starting to eat things that I don’t know by heart.  So guessing is tough.

Getting MUCH better at eating for “hunger”…

Yesterday, I didn’t really eat much of anything at all until dinner.  I just wasn’t hungry.  The SB goes out to lunch on Saturdays and Sundays… and I usually join him on one of the days.  But I skipped it yesterday… I just “wasn’t hungry”…  There was a time when that DEFINITELY would not have stopped me from going out to lunch.

I know the SB likes me to go out to lunch with him, but I am not yet to the point where I could be “not hungry” and sit in a restaurant with other people eating while I don’t…  so I just didn’t go.

I haven’t had any real change in my weight since those first 5-6 pounds of lost water from switching to low carb…  so looks like what I am doing is working 🙂


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  1. Sun Enge said,

    That is one of the biggest hurdles, not eating when you aren’t really hungry, just because everyone else is eating. So much of our social interactions revolve around food. I wish I could eat for hunger. It doesn’t matter if I ate at a buffet, 4 hours later, on the dot, my blood sugar tanks, and I get the shakes, nausea and cold sweats. When I try to explain this to the doc, why I have a hard time losing weight, they poo-poo it off, and tell me I need to see a shrink. Bah.

    Sounds like you are getting a handle on it tho, that’s excellent!

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