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Goodwill To All

Posted in Goodwill Outfit of the Day by noceleryplease on September 3, 2012

I cannot even begin to describe how much I love Goodwill… But what could be even better than “regular” Goodwill where shirts are $3 and jackets, etc are $5?

Goodwill Outlet.

This is a whole other level of awesome.

All clothes, shoes, scarves, belts, etc are … $1.39 per pound.

Yes! Awesome “new to me” clothing BY THE POUND!

It’s also kind of a super fun activity because it is WAY more like treasure hunting than a regular Goodwill.

There’s no racks of clothing sorted by gender / size / color / or anything else.

It’s just everything that comes in dumped into these table bins.

You literally have to search through piles of crap to find the gems. It’s a great way to spend 2 or 3 hours with a girlfriend who likes to bargain hunt.

It’s also about the most horrifying torture ever invented for anyone who doesn’t like “normal” shopping. Needless to say… The SB does NOT come along on these trips.

So both Sunday and Monday found me at the Goodwill Outlet this week.

I totally scored!

The best things?

Suh-weet denim Jacket from Hollister.
Super nice sweater from Abercrombie.
Several sweaters/shirts from both Express and Limited.

Plus!!! Got THREE awesome shawls to go with the more “bohemian” look I am drifting towards recently. AND several more ankle length frou-frou skirts.

And TWO cool 60’s inspired dresses that are going to be so awesome with boots!

I literally had to take over part of the SB’s side of the closet AND move all my little light jackets and vests to what I call the “sport closet” in my workout room.

I have so much awesome clothes now, I could probably easily go an entire month without repeating an outfit… But all that Name Brand stuff I got ran me a total of $60 … Which makes my cheap little heart strings go ZING!

Also, I like the Goodwill because those brand name stores… man, how I hate them and the marketing messages they send to women and girls. I WILL NOT give them my money. But, damn… The clothing they make fits me like it was designed specifically for my body… The sleeves fit my long monkey arms… The pants always fit like they were tailored. So although they message makes me sick… I have a serious weakness for the beautifully fitting clothes!

Anyhow… Officially not allowed to do any more shopping until Spring unless it’s underwear or socks.

Now… I am only missing one last thing… FALL!

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