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There is one bad thing about a 4 day weekend

Posted in Just... Life by noceleryplease on September 4, 2012

And that is going back to the real world when it is over.

This weekend was a festival of baking (I successfully made some AWESOME coconut flour brownies AND Zucchini bread), Kitchen Experiments (Baconnaise was a TOTAL failure, as was attempting to make my own almond butter), BBQ (I originally thought I ate a  half pound of pork.. but the fact that I couldn’t even CONTEMPLATE eating until 5 pm the next day tells me it was probably more than that – Sooooooo good, that pork), and, of course Goodwilling (which I have discussed ad nauseum below).

And now I am back at my desk.


Because that’s how it goes if you want to pay for a place to live and things to eat… like pork.

Oh Well…

I have this four day week, then two more five day weeks, then I have a THREE day week – as I have arranged for the 27th and 28th off.  Tentative plan to go camping those days, we’ll see what happens.


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  1. Al said,

    Two racks of pork ribs on the BBQ, Texas toast and a green salad with strawberry shortcake & whipped cream for dessert. One of those times when you wish your capacity was larger so you could eat more.
    Oh, and throw in a couple of Black Butte Porters for good measure. Oh yeah, I was in a food coma for two days..

  2. Ron said,

    Real world??? What is that??? Where am I???

  3. Sun Enge said,

    Almond butter should be easy, what happened that it didn’t turn out?

    • I was just using some leftover roasted almonds that the roasting had taken too much oil out of the almonds… so I ended up with finely ground almonds instead.

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