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Four More Years!

Posted in Goodwill Outfit of the Day,Just... Life,Uncategorized by noceleryplease on September 6, 2012

I am a registered Independent (as a Browncoat, what else could I be?), but I lean fairly liberal on most issues.

I like President Obama fine, and I will vote for him, because I agree with a lot of the stuff he wants to do, if not all… and also because the alternative seems to be so hell bent on getting all up in my lady-business when it comes to decisions that I feel are very much MY business… plus they REALLY seem to have a problem with poor / minority / non christian folks, and I also have a VERY BIG tendency to want to root for the underdog, not the guy with all the advantages.


All that aside… after listening to Bill Clinton’s speech to the DNC… Damn… screw term limits… I would vote for that man again in a skinny minute.

I really do consider him to be the best President there has been in my lifetime. (And not, I do not give a flying rat’s ass what ANY president does with his pecker).

Four More Year! Four More Years!

ALSO… Goodwill Outfit of the Day 9/6/12… Skirt and Jacket BOTH from Goodwill.



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  1. Ron said,

    My only problem with Bill is he lied about things… I mean they all lie to us, but he lied straight out directly to us… I would have been totally behind him 100% if he just got out there and said, “Yeah, I shagged her rotten! Yeah Baby!!” Other than that I would vote for him again.

    • I wish he had said that too… but the balanced budget trumps it in my mind. Sadly – two terms is it anyway… so it’s a moo point. (bonus points if you know what a moo point is 😉

  2. I forgot how much I love this!

  3. Ron said,

    A moo point is like a cow’s opinion, it just doesn’t matter 😉

  4. Sun Enge said,

    Personally, I think there should be a little button on the desk in the Oval Office, when the president is feeling a bit tense, he pushes it, and a trap door opens and a ‘BJ specialist” pops up and services him. Who knows how many wars might have been avoided if all world leaders had this.

    I’d vote for Clinton too!

  5. Ron said,

    Not to mention you have many more and diverse people that would run for the office if there was that special button.

    • AND it would be job creation for a whole new service industry!

  6. Al said,

    Just about every president was gettin’ some on the side, except of course Jimmy Carter who would only admit he lusted after women in his heart. Doesn’t have much to do with how effective a politician they were. I will reluctantly vote for O just because I find the alternative distasteful.

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