No Celery Please – NYC Edition!


Posted in Artsy Craftsy by noceleryplease on September 11, 2012
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I think I mentioned that I bought a Living Social coupon for a class in fused glass.

I used it on Saturday…

It was… fine.  The process of fusing glass might have been more interesting to me if I liked things like making mosaics or whatnot.  Because basically it’s a process of getting a bunch of pieces of glass and arranging them.  Then – it gets put in a kiln three times and comes out as a little disk after a week.

So Glass fusing is not so much going to be my thing.


The glassworks was interesting and I would really like to learn some of the more “hands on” stuff… you know – with the fire 😉

I have come up with what I think is a cunning plan for my interest in art… Jewelry.

I am still looking at this whole “connecting to the mysterious driving force behind the universe” thing.  I’m going to write more about that later, but one of the things I want to have in my life is more shiny rocks.  I really like shiny rocks.

And what’s a great way to have more shiny rocks in your life?


Additionally, I know that I can’t really do drawing or sketching as my art outlet…  One of my sisters likes to draw and paint.  She suffers from SEVERE depression (since she was born – seriously), PTSD from a heinous marriage, and a bad case of the “everyone else is better than me and I sucks”.

I have mentioned my doodling to her, and I can already see her lining up her need to see herself as less-than…  she was testing the waters last weekend with a nonchalant “so how’s the drawing going?”.

Now – you can’t know someone for 38 years without reading between the lines… so I made sure to (very truthfully) tell her that I really am just doodling around – not like I am drawing pictures or anything.  I am really just making lines and coloring them in… and the next comment was “well maybe one of them will turn into something good”.

Now – this is not an “on purpose” thing she does…  she really does have debilitating clinical depression – she REALLY thinks that she’s the worst of everything… and is also INTENSELY competitive – EVERYTHING is a contest – and she ALWAYS sees herself as the loser – because she is incapable of seeing anything of hers as “good”.  I wish like all hell she’d get medicated, but she doesn’t believe she has depression – because it’s just “the truth” that “she sucks”.

I have to try most of the time to separate myself from this… it makes me really crazy if I get too deep into the reassurance / counseling / etc cycle…  but I can also do my best to not feed the beast… and making drawing or sketching a serious endeavor for me would just be throwing fuel on that fire.  (Also, really, truthfully, I DO like to doodle, but I am never going to draw a fabulous picture – it’s not where my skills lie).

SO!…  I was thinking that Jewelry making was about as far as I could get away from her painting hobby as I could possibly get!  No competition there.

AND I get more shiny rocks in my life.

AND I can go back and work with glass in a more hands on way to make beads for jewelry.

AND I get to work with string / yarn / hemp – which I like – I like fiber crafts like that – but no patience for crochet patterns.

AND, finally, I get more cool jewelry for myself!

So while the class itself was no “home run”… It did inspire me in a new direction that feels like a very good fit for me!  Sweet!


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  1. Sun Enge said,

    Sometimes that’s how it happens, one thing didn’t work out, but it leads to something that did!

  2. Ron said,

    Shiny = good…. ooohhh… shiny

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