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Just Writing it Down

Posted in Just... Life by noceleryplease on September 13, 2012
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One of the great things about blogging?

Writing stuff down.

Then getting other people’s feedback on it…

Then re-reading it in light of the experience of others…

Then realizing that really?  It’s not such a big deal after all.

So thanks, guys, for reminding me that YES!  Blog land is a real community.

Friends do not have to be in the same city as you.

Pen Pals are awesome! (OK, yes, I totally just dated myself there).

Not that I don’t still want to make a few more friends here.  And try to feel like I am “rooted”…

I am really, quite seriously closed off…  I am afraid to let slip (in person) anything that could be construed as negative.  Mostly because I don’t want people thinking I am miserable.

Huh – maybe it’s because I listen to my sister complain sooooo much about her life (you remember the depression)… I don’t want to be that person.  Plus people have all kinds of “Advice” when you do that.

But sometimes I guess you do have to say when things bother you.

I also have a hard time with that – I don’t like conflict or hurt feelings.

Like – Even though I did completely come to the conclusion on my own that any kind of full-on “witchy” immersion is not the path for me.  I resented the hell out of my Dad for point blank telling me I was wrong and stupid for looking at it.  But did I tell him that?  No… I just let him “win” by saying I wasn’t going to the pagan festival.  But I like to keep the peace.

Of course – my penchant for keeping it all inside tends to lock down the good with the bad.  I don’t talk about feelings, period.


Looking a little more broadly at my idea of what constitutes a community, friendship, relationships, etc.

I am 2 years away from 40… I would like to put some cracks in this shell.

Work in progress!


3 Responses to 'Just Writing it Down'

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  1. Ron said,

    Pagan festival sounds fun 😉 Remember as long as you are true to yourself it’s all good. Hmmm…. maybe I’ll go to a pagan festival to see all the skyclad ladies…. hmmm….

  2. Tiff said,

    Yep – be true to yourself. Backing out of something you wanted to do in order to alleviate some issues from family is something I would do and am not necessarily proud of. Be Yourself. If someone else is pissed about that, then ohwell. It’s not like you’re starting an axe-murdering club!

    • As soon as I figure out what I am being true to!

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