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So I Made This

Posted in Artsy Craftsy by noceleryplease on September 18, 2012
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OK, so “Made” is a strong word.  It was a kit, and it had a pattern and all the beads in the box.


It’s a “learn how to do it” kit… so I have learned how to use crimps, hooks, c clamps, wire, stretchy string.

So – once I am done learning with this kit, I will have most of the basic skills I need and can start doing things like buying materials and putting together my own designs!

I also got a couple of books on doing string jewelry and a web site about making paper beads.

I’m excited!  This jewelry making stuff is fun!

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  1. Deborah said,

    Indeed, once you conquer the kits you’ll will only be limited by your imagination. “Oh, the places you will go. . . ” (thanks, Dr. Seuss)

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