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So I Read This: The Shadow Chaser

Posted in Reading by noceleryplease on September 19, 2012

Welcome to a new Blog Feature!  “So I Read This”

I get tons and tons of free books through the Pixels of Ink feed (if you have a Kindle – seriously – subscribe to this!)

They are usually up to $3 or $4 by the time I finish the book.  The “Free” part goes away quick.

But I figure – what the heck – I ought to pass along my thoughts on these books / authors, since they ARE giving me their work for free and all.

So – Today’s “So I Read This” is:

The Shadow Chaser by one Mr. John Matthews.

The Official Book Description from Amazon:

Book Description

Publication Date: January 24, 2012
Andre Lemoine, one of the world’s leading geneticists, is on the verge of the medical breakthrough of the century: a link with rare primates that could unlock a vital key in the search for a cure for AIDS and cancer.But part of Andre’s quest is driven by a pressing medical threat within his own family, and when his breakthrough brings him into conflict with two ambitious ruthless rivals – it plunges Andre into the race of his life; a race which takes Andre from the dark jungles of Africa and Brazil to the seamy backstreets of Paris and Philadelphia. A nightmare world of thieves, hookers and pimps, lab bombers and FBI agents – far removed from the safety of his lab bench.

For Andre the stakes have never been higher. Because, as the threat to those Andre loves looms stronger, it becomes a race through the shadows of his family’s dark past to, ultimately, face death head-on.

This was pretty good and very well written.  It’s TOTALLY out of my usual elves and spaceships comfort zone.  But I liked it. It moved.  The characters were well drawn.  I thought he did a decent job with the suspense.  There was a good mix of action and emotional internal struggle.

The main character I wanted to slap around a couple of times, but that was on purpose – due to his nature and personality.

If you downloaded this when it was free – it was definitely worth taking the time and reading.

If the description above sounds even a little like something you’s like?  I think it’s totally worth the $2.99 that it’s running right now for Kindle.  Would I pay more for paperback?  Nah – likely not.  But then – no elves in this book!


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  1. Ron said,

    Hmmm…. you had me at “hookers”!

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