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Sigh. And Also. Sigh

Posted in Just... Life by noceleryplease on October 6, 2012

So the dog has arthritis.  And it’s been pretty bad these last two weeks.

She started licking her hip joints on Monday.  By Tuesday, she was bald / red / raw on the tops of her hip bones.

At first I thought it was allergies.   But the licking, and the steadily worsening gait all combined to say – yes – this is arthritis.

So – called the doc and got some pain meds.  Which – her gait has improved a little – not FABULOUS – but at least she can make it down the stairs to go outside without me having to carry her.

Of course – getting the medicine into her is no fun.  I got it liquified… but I have to hold her and squirt it into her mouth through her clenched tight jaw.

Handily – I have a leftover “washer” syringe from when the SB has his wisdom teeth out.  IT has a very pointy end that I can stick right between her teeth.. so I am getting that into her at least.

I also went and got her a glucosamine / chondroitin supplement.

Liver flavored chewables.  Of course she hates them and will not just eat the damn things.

So – tried grinding it up and mixing it in browned ground beef.  No dice – she refuses to touch it.

Ordered a new heated dog bed.  Set it up.  She refuses to touch that too.

She’s always been like this.  Any attempts to improve her health situation, be it medication, bathing, nail trimming, ear washing…  anything…  she acts like we are trying to kill her.

Meanwhile – she just sits there and licks her ass.

I know she’s starving… she hasn’t eaten.  But she WILL NOT eat the glucosamine tainted food.

I’ll likely give up eventually and give her real food – because she was already not eating because of the pain… and she’s skinnier than she ought to be.  I just want to scream at her “WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT IF YOU WOULD BLOODY WELL COOPERATE YOU WOULD FEEL SO MUCH BETTER – STUPID, NON-ENGLISH-SPEAKING DOG!!!!”

But that would not help at any rate because, after all, she is a dog, and has no understanding of “take this medicine and you will feel better”.  And she doesn’t know that if she would just give the new bed a shot it would really help her joints.

She just knows she’s hurting and I keep squirting nasty stuff in her mouth and trying to give her food that smells different.


Also – The car freaked out this afternoon.  The SB was going to the store.  Horrifying noises…  check engine light…  car wouldn’t “go”.

So parked it…  then 10 mins later the car was acting fine except the check engine light.

So – had it towed.  The dealer will look at it on Monday.

So unless it was a fluke, that’ll be another huge bill.  Either way – I feel like the car is less and less reliable… frustrating.  8 years old…  125000 miles.  Second “check engine” light this year.  Sick of that.


I have a stupid business trip on Monday… so that’s going to leave the SB here by himself to deal with the dog’s issues… and the car.

I REFUSE to cancel my trip to NYC on Friday…  but it’s a pain because my mom is going to watch the dog and now she’s going to have to deal with the medicine situation.

And I will be worrying about the dog while I am on this trip.



On the up side…  um…  I’ll fantasize about a new car for a few hours… that should provide some amusement.

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  1. Sun Enge said,

    SO sorry about your furbaby! 😦 There is a trick to the liquid meds, if you can pull her lips away from the corner of her mouth (Easier on soft mouth dogs like hounds) you can make a pocket for the medicine, and it should flow right down her throat when you fill up that little pocket. I know how you feel, Genghis wouldn’t let us help him, and towards the end when I was having to hold up his back half so he could get outside (Couldn’t carry him he was a 75 pound Chow) he would try to bite me. Good thing Martok is so good about being doctored, otherwise we would ahve had to put him sown last year.

    Shawn was taking W to work yesterday and his oil light came on, and the car started to sputter. When he limped it home, I asked him if he stopped and put oil in it. Of course he hadn’t, as he knows enough about cars to put the gas in and it goes. Ah well, good thing I used to rebuild old cars. Luckily we have my old car, I kept it when my father died and I got his brand new pick-up. So we do have a spare. Seems like everyone is having problems all at once. As my astrology friends say, maybe Mercury is in retrograde or something!

  2. Ron said,

    It would be so much easier it they understood what we were saying… hope things improve for her and she decides to eat that funny smelling food.

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