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Meanwhile, Back at the Dog…

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on October 8, 2012

Well – The dog finally broke down and ate the glucosamine tainted food.  So I am hopeful this is a trend that might continue.

She’s eaten it twice… so there’s that.

She also gave in and tried the heated bed.  She seems to like it now.

She seems a tiny bit less stiff, and is doing a little less licking of joints… but the stairs to get outside seem to be beyond her… so now I have to carry her down to the grass.  Handily, she only weighs 20 pounds… so it’s not hard – she just hates it – she’s ALWAYS hated being picked up.

We are no longer going to be able to ask her “do you want to go out”?…  because her answer is no.  No matter if she needs to or not.  She does NOT want to go down the stairs. So we’ll have to figure a “putting out” schedule.

I think the pain in her hips is interfering with her knowing if she has to poop… because last night she pooped in BOTH her beds.  And pooping in bed is simply not something dogs do if they can help it.

So we’ll have to just put her out and hope for the best.  Also – here’s hoping the supplements will help her… I have heard “miraculous” things about old dogs and glucosamine…

I have to go to Chicago for business today – I hate dumping all this on the SB… I have been administering the meds, etc… but they will  get along without me until Wednesday night, I am sure.  Then we have NYC next weekend and we’ll be dumping the whole problem on my Mom… which I also hate, but the only other option is the vet/kennel… and I don’t want to resort to that if I can help it.

The car dealer should be open soon…  so we’ll get the news on that, whatever it might be.  Fingers crossed it’s nothing.  But it DOES have me thinking thoughts of a new car.  I KNOW it’s better and more economical and smarter and ALL OF THAT to buy a car and just drive it into the ground.  But, you know what?  I LIKE new cars.  I LIKE cars that are under warranty and have roadside assistance packages and you bring them in for service and it doesn’t cost you anything.  I LIKE not worrying about “Extra” expenses associated with random breakdowns.  Also – I LIKE shiny, clean, happy new cars  (which is weird, given my obsession with Goodwill).

But… I know I will end up just keeping this until the bitter end…  But my car in high school left me stranded SO MANY TIMES that I have a serious gut reaction to any symptoms that indicate that this one might start to be unreliable…

Anyway.  That’s all the news that’s unfit to print today.


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  1. Ron said,

    Glad the pup is eating and hope the drugs work their magic on her!

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