No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Chicago Mark II

Posted in Fooooooooooood!,Just... Life,Travel by noceleryplease on October 9, 2012

OK, so I did get out of the hotel for a tiny bit today.

And Chicago (at least the touristy part) is…  well… touristy.

This is my issue, I guess.  When I visit NYC, I do not do the touristy things…  I like to walk where the city dwellers walk and eat where they eat and do what they do.

Here – I had no opportunity to do that.  I got to see plenty of “famous” restaurants…  and fancy designer clothing stores.

But other than that, I feel like I have not really visited CHICAGO…  so I’ll reserve judgement until the day when I can maybe visit and see something besides the miracle mile.


Yesterday I had a cookie.

I mentioned on FaceBook that cookies are a gateway drug.  Damn… for me that is soooo true.

Last night I had eaten a nice healthy dinner of soup and salad.


But then I was run over with food craving… like, not hunger…  I was CLEARLY not hungry.  But a huge drive to EAT MORE!  EAT MORE!

There was a reception still going on with the conference… so I went down and got some baked brie with walnuts, dried apricots, a couple of gnocchi, a bit of some kind of baked pasta dish (mostly I got the meat part, just a couple pieces of pasta), some cauliflower and dip.

It wasn’t the CRAZIEST bender or anything… but it was driven by the cookie… and that’s the main problem.

But the gateway aspect…  sheesh…  this morning I did well – low carb… eggs, bacon, sausage.  Lunch, I did fine… salad, small bits of chicken / roast beef.  TOTALLY did not eat the cheesecake.  But dinner…  I went out to walk and go to a Chinese place to get some nice, low carb veg/meat combo.

But I SERIOUSLY almost went back and got another cookie.  Like… had to give myself a STERN talking to… repeatedly… and with malice.

That’s what carbs and sugar do to me…  I love them soooo much.

I can have a grain free sugar free piece of cake and be fine.  I eat the cake, I love the cake… but I do not feel driven to EAT MORE EAT MORE after I eat it…

Darn you, carby, floury, sugary goodness!

Oh well…


The dog, as reported by the SB, seems to be doing OK.  I did not get a lot of detail, but she is at least eating the food laced with glucosamine, and taking her pain meds.  I really hope the supplements eventually let her get back to a bit of normal.  I’ll see them both tomorrow night.


Finally – the car seems also to be fine now.  She had a cylinder misfire.  Caused by old spark plugs.  So – $250 for new spark plugs.  That’s liveable.  I do not feel like I have to get a new car because of that.  After 8 years, I suppose new spark plugs are due.

OK, now for some work…


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  1. Ron said,

    Me: Pssssttt…. hey, I got a cookie here for ya..
    No Celery: No, I couldn’t
    Me: They are free look at the sugary goodness…
    No Celery: Ok… just one can’t hurt I guess
    Me: Muhahahahahahaa!!! Now if you want a second cookie it will cost you $150, but it’s the best cookie ever!!! Muhahahahahaa!!!

    • Ron… The way I felt yesterday I might have paid the $150 😉

  2. Al said,

    $250 for spark plugs? Unless you have a V12 Jag, that is a lot of money for something I would do for you for a couple of beers or a bottle of wine. But then the transpostation charge would quickly eat any savings up.

    • Yeah… well my next vehicle will be something in the “get it worked on anywhere” family… These BMW folks charge… a lot!

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