No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

There is (a little) More to Life Than Food

Posted in Travel by noceleryplease on October 18, 2012

So in New York, in addition to walking and eating, I also BOUGHT STUFF!!

These are some adorable little woven bracelets I bought at a store called Tierra. A Spanish store. This tiny place in Soho is the only US store.

The Tigers Eyes are for me… Those are my favorite stone! The other I bought for my niece.

I wanted to get a little something for the nephews. These cabs are all over in all the trinket stores… But I didn’t want to pay $10 in Times Square! So we went to Chinatown… $5 each.


I got these cute hats! I probably overpaid… Because it was in midtown… But at least I got her to knock them down for $13 to $11… And I know this style is $15 at Target.


Street market jewelry! $3 each piece!


Finally, got this scarf in the same street market for $5! A present for my friend who loves Burberry


Yay New York!


2 Responses to 'There is (a little) More to Life Than Food'

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  1. Ron said,

    Yay for shopping!!! I personally lean to a bigger yay for the food!

  2. Sun Enge said,


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