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Scope Creep

Posted in Fooooooooooood!,Health by noceleryplease on October 29, 2012

When you manage projects, scope creep is always an issue.

It’s…  well, this one tiny thing won’t hurt anything.  And if that one tiny thing is ok, then this other one tiny thing has to be ok too.

Next thing you know, 800 tiny little things have morphed into a raging out of control budget and schedule… PLUS… many of those tiny things end up being incompatible and ruining everything.

Still – it’s an easy thing to let happen.  That’s why controls HAVE to be in place.  Check points must be observed… and when scope creep is identified, it must be pruned.

But this lesson applies to regular life as well.  Social commitments, hobbies, expenditures… everything can spin out of control if you “this tiny thing” keeps getting added over an over.

Has anyone guessed that I’m actually talking about food here yet?  I know – you know me… it’s all going to come back to food.

I decided to do a reset week this week… because I had a feeling I had been letting my eating creep slowly out of “scope”… and I looked at it this morning and I was right!

I have been “eyeballing” my portions for the most part… and this morning I took out my scale and measured my breakfast.  Sure enough… what started out as a “handful = this many ounces” has gotten bigger over the past couple of months.

My breakfast container has recently been far more “full” than it should be for portion control.  I slowly went from.  “Hey, I’ll use this container because it fits the portion of breakfast” to “Hey – I can FILL THIS CONTAINER TO BURSTING because that’s how much breakfast I am supposed to have”.

I went from “a handful of pork rinds fits in this sandwich bag, so I will use that” to “a serving of pork rinds is a sandwich bag.

I’m not castigating myself here…  These are not HUGE differences in portion size.  It’s incredibly EASY to add just a teeny bit more each day because it kinda looks the same each day. Using the above example… it’s probably the difference in 80 calories of pork rinds and… 110… 120.

But that “tiny thing” every day?  Can really add up over time to a significant creep in the scope of my pants fitting me.

So I got my scale back out this week.  I just plan on using it to give my eyeballs and brain a reset on what a “portion” looks like.  It’s been many months since I’ve used it, so I guess taking the scale out 4 times a year just to make sure I am still aware of what I “should” be eating is a good idea.

I know I won’t be keeping it out, though.  I am willing to visit “food tracking crazytown” again – but I don’t want to live there anymore.


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  1. Sun Enge said,

    I know exactly what you mean, I find the ‘creep’ happening as well. You *think* everything’s fine, then one day you are string at a huge plate of pasta or some such, halfway through eating it, and thinking “Wow, is that really as much as I think it is?”

    I had a tiny slip this weekend, I ate half a large pizza, because I was so busy and so stressed last week that I didn’t eat, and was starving by supper. And with my hypoglycemia, I KNOW I shouldn’t do that, but sometimes, it just ‘creeps’ in!

    • When you go forever without eating then have a giant portion available – it’s tough to stop. Because you are STARVING by that time.

      Of course – my Chinese Buffet choice this weekend was 100% deliberate… and I fully meant to eat ALL that… but that’s way different than “how did that just happen?”

  2. Ron said,

    It’s like when I order a small pizza and then eat all of that the sub I ordered too and all the cinnamon breadsticks too… as well as the chips and cheese…. not to mention those candy bars….

  3. Al said,

    So, Scope Creep isn’t an obnoxious person with a big bottle of mouthwash?

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