No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Damn You, Best Boss In The World!

Posted in Travel,Work by noceleryplease on November 9, 2012

I totally DO have the best boss in the world.

But he does things sometimes…  and because I am ALREADY crazy… it makes me crazy.

We’ve been going through a year long very significant restructuring process in my department.

Several things have happened… my role is changing, etc.

I had JUST (literally, like a few weeks ago) FINALLY put behind me the notion that I could really ever move to NYC.

I had accepted the impossibility.  I had internalized the idea that no matter what my boss might like, the possibility of HR allowing the pay raise needed to move from CLT to NYC would be impossible.

Accepted… moved on…

So yesterday we are having a conversation about a meeting he had just had with the higher ups and some ideas and what not about the structure and how it might change EVEN MORE.

And he tosses out…  “Do you still want to come up here?  Because now would be the time that might be able to happen.”


“DO I WANT TO COME UP THERE?!?!?!?”  Yes!  Yes!  a thousand times yes!

And I’m not faulting him on this.  I know the HE would do anything to get me up there.  But I still think HR would never go for it.  So basically I just have my hopes all “up” again… and they are going to probably peter out into nothing… again… and I’ll have to come to grips with it… Again…

Or maybe it will really happen… A girl can dream 🙂


3 Responses to 'Damn You, Best Boss In The World!'

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  1. Ron said,

    I hear it’s good to dream… Mmmm…. deli food…. mmmmmm…


  2. Sun Enge said,

    Let’s hope for the best!

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