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Games of Game-y Goodness

Posted in Fashion,Sci Fi / Fantasy / Gaming,Work by noceleryplease on November 13, 2012

So as we speak, World of Warcraft is (still) downloading to my laptop.

I’m only trying out the free version…  since I’m still not 100% sold on the idea of these online games.  But I’m going to try it out on my new laptop and see how it goes.

Also this weekend, I got an “intro pack” of Magic:  The Gathering cards.

My sister’s kids are all into it, and I thought I could play with them.

Maybe if I like it, I can branch out with that as well.

I like the role playing stuff…  but in small doses.  I’m lazy, and the learning curve can be steep.


In other news.  You see how I have been dressing for the last FOREVER.

Nice, no?  So today I decide to just go “normal”… pants, sweater.

And I get to work this morning and find out my boss is coming to town and wants to meet with me about the new department I’m going to be heading.

Nice…  Just when I wish I could be looking all impressive, I am wearing a fuzzy scarf.

I should mention, this is totally my hang-up… my boss could not give a hoot about how I dress.  It’s just a huge dose of irony that I decided to dress down and he shows up for the first time in MONTHS.


13 Responses to 'Games of Game-y Goodness'

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  1. Ron said,

    LOL… I could be alone in my office all day, but the one time I slop tomato sauce on my white shirt everyone and their grandmother stops by. It’s just the way the world works. 🙂

  2. Shawn said,

    World of Warcraft is just $14.99 a month plus any expansions that come out every few years. Magick – the Gathering (IE Cardboard Crack) you have to keep buying new cards, new decks, rares, crap like that. I knew people who spent hundreds of dollars to buy a box or two for a handful of cards. I gave up that addiction years ago 😉 Good luck!

    • I am too cheap to become hard core in it… I don’t mind spending $20 for a deck. I am not the type to spend $20 for a card. 😉

  3. Sun Enge said,

    WoW is the only MMORPG that I have played, but I do like it. They update it all the time, so when you start to get bored, bam here comes something new. It is lots of fun, and I do like the social aspect, since I work from home I seldom get out.

    • Going to log in tonight and see if I can figure it out!

      • Sun Enge said,

        K, I’ll be on, my toon name is Chorei, you can PM me.

  4. Sun Enge said,

    Also you can get ‘gift time’ on WoW as well, and Xmas is coming up. 😉

  5. Al said,

    I really don’t “get” why anyone would play a game you can never win. But then I guess that’s just the type “A” personality talking. Too much like reality

    • Sun Enge said,

      Because winable games are booooring! 😀

      • Al said,

        Hey, I’m not talking “Mario Brothers” more like the “Myst” series or “Heroes of Might and Magic” where it can take months to figure things out. Strategy, not Arcade.

  6. Going to have to have the kiddos explain this thing to me on Saturday… I couldn’t even figure out how to stab a giant moth with a knife to get some moth blood. I am clearly not a “natural” at figuring this out!

    • Sun Enge said,

      What realm are you on?

    • Sun Enge said,

      Right click on a target to engage it. 😉

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