No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

On Thankfulness

Posted in Just... Life,Navel Gazing by noceleryplease on November 22, 2012

So today is Thanksgiving…

And it’s the day when I am supposed to be thankful for all the things I have.

I have issues with gratefulness.

I KNOW that there are things that I am DAMN LUCKY to have.

A house… A car… A job… A great husband… Loving family… I live in a rich country… I have so many ridiculous blessings!

But although I can certainly enumerate the ways that I am fortunate, this “feeling” of gratitude and thankfulness just eludes me.

If someone gives me a present or something, I get that emotional response … That “heartwarming” feeling…

But I can’t really dig that up for non-special every day type things that are just “the way things are”.


That’s my thought for the day.

I have a bunch of stuff that I SHOULD feel gratitude for… But the best I can dig up is awareness of my good fortune.

So be it.


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