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Good News is Sometimes Not for Sharing…

Posted in Just... Life,Work by noceleryplease on January 12, 2013

So I have really super amazing news!

And I am a little sad… Because there’s only a few people I can actually share it with.

Why? Because people get sad and mad and angry at the good fortune of others. Even if that good fortune is worked for and well deserved!

So I’m just going to blog it. Because my blog friends are awesome and will not make me feel guilty for having awesomeness in my life like certain relatives of mine will.


Woo Hoo! Big fat raise and promotion to me! Worked hard for and well deserved!!!

Welcome to the 6 figure club, me! Woot woot!

Ok… I just wanted to be able to do that happy dance once without feeling bad about it.

Thanks for letting me get that out!!


7 Responses to 'Good News is Sometimes Not for Sharing…'

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  1. Deborah said,

    WOOT!!!!!! Congratulations!

  2. Ron said,

    Awesome!! Way to go!

  3. Sun Enge said,

    Grats! You shouldn’t feel bad, you worked for it, it is not like someone handed it to you.
    You and Mr. Cake should come for a weekend visit, and not a 12 hour layover for work. 😉 We can hit all the sightseeing high points, and go to the Salt Lick.
    Very happy for you! You deserve it!

  4. Hmm… the words “Salt Lick” might possibly get him moving in that direction!

  5. Tiff said,


  6. Al said,

    It’s great when good things happen to deserving people. Congrats!

  7. rennratt said,

    CONGRATULATIONS! I’m doing the (awkward) happy dance on your behalf!

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