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I Used to Think Job Interviews Sucked

Posted in Work by noceleryplease on January 17, 2013

Now that I am on the hiring side of this whole interview process, I understand the full magnitude of the terribleness that is the whole hiring process.

You know all those ridiculous questions you are asked? YOUR INTERVIEWER IS FORCED TO ASK THAT CRAP BY HR!!!

Because if you talk to people just like they are people, you end up getting sued when you don’t hire them.

So the whole process just boils down to who does the best at memorizing the best and most politically correct answer to stupid questions that are so obvious…

“What would you do if someone asked you to do something unethical?”

Really? Who is going to answer… Oh, don’t worry, I have no ethics” ?

Sigh. I can’t wait to get this finished.

I understand now why there are policies against nepotism… Because if I had a way to skip all this, I would just hire my friends and train them on how to do the job. At least then I would really know what I am getting.


3 Responses to 'I Used to Think Job Interviews Sucked'

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  1. Ron said,

    Hmmm… if someone asked me to do something unethical??? Well… as long as it didn’t interfere with my theft of office supplies and equipment I would do it without question.

    • I might hire you – at least I know you answered the question honestly!

  2. Deborah said,

    It is the most unpleasant, unrewarding aspect of my job. Hands. Down.

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